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Star Trek Original Series slash fiction, camping gear, poetry, and art (Spirkartoons!) by Farfalla, plus Screencapture Rapture. Nearly 100 K/S stories.

Farfalla's Star Trek fanfiction, based on TOS, TNG, and DS9 (ABC order), or sorted by:

  • Ratings: G to PG-13 or R or NC-17
  • Character: McCoy, Saavik, Sarek, Chapel, Chekov, Troi, Data, Jadzia, Q, Rand, Sulu, Kira

    Farfalla's non-Trek fanfic sites:

  • May the Farf be with you: Star Wars, which means Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan ghostluv for now
  • Donfield/Vladeck: the Shatner and Nimoy characters from the Man from UNCLE epsiode "The Project Strigas Affair"
  • Boston Legal slash: Denny/Alan stories--as if Denny Crane wasn't weird enough already with his carbon trekking poles
  • The Giggling Serpent: Harry Potter fandom fiction and screencaps (mostly Snape and mostly het)
  • Bouquet of Iguanas: Master and hiking backpacks & daypacks with Commander slash (Aubrey/Maturin sonnets and a short story)
  • Chicago (the musical) femmeslash (One Velma/Roxie story)

    Amphioxous Obnoxious's Spock/McCoy stuff

    Sites administrated by Farfalla

    The All-Ages Kirk/Spock Archive
    Continually-growing collection of dry waterproof bags nonexplicit slash romance fiction, art, and poetry centered around Kirk and Spock being in love. Open for submissions.

    The Lt. Uhura and Christine Chapel fanfiction festivals
    Sign up to write--any pairing, any rating; het, slash, or gen--stories focused on these women of TOS!

    Rose & Gold
    Archive for the het pairing of Uhura/Chekov from TOS. Contains stories, art, screencaptures, limericks, and more. Open for submissions.

    Leonard McCoy/Tonia Barrows story linklist
    Links to stories about the het pairing of Dr. McCoy and Yeoman Barrows from "Shore Leave"

    KittyTrek: The M'Ress Linklist
    Links to stories on the web featuring M'Ress, the felinoid communications officer from the Animated Series.

    Fall 2003 KhanFest
    Dedicated to pairing the TOS movie villain Khan Noonien Singh with everybody possible, het and slash alike.

    Kirk/Grapefruit linklist
    Hey, Shatner started it.

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