Title: Lunch Break
Author: Farfalla
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Fandom: Original Series Star Trek - het
Pairing: McCoy/Barrows (Yeoman Tonia Barrows from 'Shore Leave') (Mc/f)
Rating: NC-17, PWP
Betas: Hypatia Kosh and Sianna of the Faeries
Archive: ASK ME FIRST. ASCEM okay.
Disclaimer: The entire Trek universe belongs to Paramount and will not suffer much from the poking and prodding of our curious collective imaginations. We mean our beloved characters no harm and think that quite possibly they enjoy the variety ;-)
Summary: The Doctor has a good time.


"Tonia!" Dr. McCoy's eyes sparkled when the yeoman entered his otherwise empty Sickbay. He approached her with both hands extended.

"Doctor," she smiled back, taking both of his hands and placing a chaste kiss on his waiting mouth.

A microscopic, affectionate frown. "Len," he corrected gruffly. He didn't need another reminder that she was too young for him, that soon she'd be on another starship anyway, and probably find somebody closer to her own age and level of vitality to provide companionship to before long. "Didn't I tell you last time..."

"I'm sorry, Len," she corrected herself, still smiling, and gazing into his eyes. "How's it going down here?"

McCoy looked at the empty beds. "Lonely-- luckily. The worst days of my life are when I have too much company in here."

"I can imagine." She started massaging one of his hands busily, and noticed a small wound. "What happened here?"

McCoy exhaled gruffly. "Clumsy. Shut the door on my hand."

"I'll kiss it and make it all better," Yeoman Barrows offered. "Here."

McCoy let her take his hand to her lips and play with it a little. "Tonia, are you teasing me?" he asked, not really minding.

"Are you expecting anyone soon?" Tonia asked, blinking sweetly.

"Er, no, er--" Where was this going?

"How about being my lunch break, Len?"

"Gimme the job description."

Tonia said nothing, but closed the gap between them until her breasts were rubbing tantalizingly against his chest. She leaned toward his face but then, at the last moment, veered off and started nibbling on his neck. He had somewhat expected this, but the rush of arousal still affected him into a loud gasp. His hands crawled up her back, one at a time, like spiders, until they were both buried in her luxuriant hair.

She felt his arousal digging into her hip and ground against it gracefully. "Can we go to your cabin?" she murmured in his ear, before sucking half of it into her mouth.

"I have to... be here... in twenty minutes..." he gasped. She pulled away slightly. "You weren't kidding when you said 'lunch'," he quipped.

"Should I go? Are you busy?"

"Nobody said I have to spend those twenty minutes alone," he pointed out in his most charming drawl. "If you don't mind spending your 'lunch break' in my office..."

Her eyes darted back and forth from his face, to the office door, to his erection, and back to his face. "Lead on!" she said after a few moments, offering him her arm.

They hurried into the small office and shut the door with a privacy lock. "I'd rather we not get out of our uniforms, just in case Chapel gets done with her experiments early."

Tonia nodded. "These short skirts are awfully convenient," she said, lifting the hem of her red dress to expose her bare pussy. McCoy wobbled a little as his erection throbbed at the sight.

"You thought of everything," he pointed out. The rest of him pointed out as well.

"C'mere," she answered him, lifting herself with both arms so that she was sitting on the short filing cabinet behind her. She spread her legs and draped them over the sides. Her warmth beckoned to him wetly.

McCoy fumbled with his fly and flipped his penis out of his pants. It made a stark contrast of colors, jutting out palely from the black fabric. It bobbed slightly as he came to her and took her in his arms.

He kissed her for about half a minute before positioning himself at her entrance. She wrapped both arms and both legs around his back as he pushed into her with a grunt. She groaned as he thrust in and out of her tight wetness, over and over again. He buried his face in her coconut-scented hair, and let her breast fill his right hand.

She encouraged him to thrust faster by quasi-steering his ass with her hands. Her face hung over his left shoulder, and she nipped at his neck whenever positions allowed. Sweat poured down their uniforms, and her boots kicked raucously at the filing cabinet.

"Keep... doing... that..." she gasped as he found a particularly adept way of manipulating her nipple. "Oh... yes.... yeah baby...." Her increased arousal heated his own blood as they both approached orgasm.

He waited for her final groan of ecstasy, and then was pulled into climax himself by the warm waves of her quivering pussy. They remained in an embrace, glued together by sweat and emotion, waiting for the addicting contractions to subside.

"Tonia, you're really something else," McCoy murmured, when he finally remembered how to talk.

"Mmm, that was special," said Tonia, nuzzling his neck. Then she hopped off the filing cabinet. "I'm surprised I can still stand!" She moved towards the door.

"Thanks for the lunch," said McCoy. "You have to go?" He packed himself away back into his trousers.

"I have bridge duty," she said. "I'll see you at dinner?"

McCoy nodded, and didn't take his eyes off her until she was out of the room and out of sight. He didn't know how long this whole deal would last, but who on earth would be able to resist?

~ end ~

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