Stories with Q

by Farfalla

Deanna's Decadent Dip
TNG, NC-17, Troi/Q, Picard/Q implied. Q turns Troi's bathwater into chocolate, and things go from there.

The Chocolate Klingon
TNG, NC-17, Worf/Troi, Picard/Q implied. Q pulls a bizarre prank on Worf and Deanna.

Captain Curve
TOS, NC-17, humor, Kirk/Spock, Q. A certain entity decides to take bizzare measures to ensure that Kirk and Spock get together.

Why I Should Not Write P/Q in Class
TNG, stupid, poetry. :-P A bit of pointless P/Q doggerel that won one of the tied second prizes for overall best poem in the 2003 Golden O awards on ASCEM.

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