Title: Playtime in Alberta
Author: Farfalla
Email: blueberrysnail @ yahoo.com
Website: cosmicduckling.com
Rating: NC-17, PWP
Pairings: K/S/Ch - (Kirk/Spock)/Chapel
Written for Hypatia's Mess With Christine K/S/Ch page. Thanks for beta-reading, Hy!
Summary: Boobies!

Playtime in Alberta

Vulcan marriages breed a certain kind of relationship security rare among their Human equivalents. Through the bond, sideways glances that on the exterior would seem adulterous are instead shared and enjoyed as pulses of dual amusement. The bond enables both mates to be absolutely sure of each other's foremost loyalty and importance in the other's regard.

Most Vulcans, however, would not engage in recreational sex with additional partners due to the extreme amount of trust required to allow anyone at all access to one's person. For this reason, when an interloper did spend time enjoying sexual adventures with a Vulcan pair, he or she was most often a member of the medical profession known to both parties--for such an individual had already been granted the trust of one's life and complete access to one's body--even if in a more prosaic way.

So, really, it was thoroughly within cultural norms when Dr. Christine Chapel came to spend a week in August with Kirk and Spock in the mountains of western Canada. They'd all gone into the arrangement with a little trepidation but very open minds, and it was working out providentially for all.

They lolled around together in an outdoor hot tub, minds almost numbed to silence by the awesome beauty of the mountain peaks. Jim, ever the octopus, snaked one arm around Spock, and used the other to pull Christine in front of him. She moved easily through the fluid medium, her full breasts bouncing slightly within her sleek dark blue one-piece swimsuit.

Christine's perceptions of the two men had shifted gracefully into place as a result of her experiences in the mountains. Spock, as it turned out, was no more than an adequate lover when performing with anyone other than the man he truly loved, although he hadn't meant to be a disappointment. Christine had easily transferred her attraction over to Jim, who with his experience, charm, and enthusiasm kept her libido busy and proved to be far more worthy of a human woman's desires.

Jim certainly knew better than Spock which parts of a woman could be thoroughly enjoyed by both herself and her playmates. Since the beginning of the vacation, Jim had been all over Christine's breasts. Spock liked seeing him so happy; he had once reasoned out that Jim Kirk's ideal partner, physically, would be a male-to-female transsexual, a being with both breasts and a penis. He knew, however, with that fundamental knowing of Vulcan conjugal trust, that Jim was his and would never leave him for any being, thus equipped or otherwise. Solutions such as this one were far more enjoyable for everyone involved...

Now that Nurse Chapel's crush on Spock had been punctured, and Doctor Chapel no longer had any reason to envy her superiors for the almost Norman Rockwellian perfection of their marriage, she was able to appreciate and even be aroused by their relationship. She never could have predicted how hot it was to watch them kiss. She felt liberated--jealousy had weighed her down, but now she could bounce.

Bouncing up and down in the foamy water, she felt Jim's hands creeping around her until each one covered a breast. Her nipples poked slightly through the fabric of the swimsuit, and he caught them between his fingers. She ground herself backwards against his thigh as he pinched her nipples lightly.

Spock hovered close by. Christine felt the brush of his hair against her wet shoulder as he bent his head to suckle at Jim's neck.

Christine grinned, picturing what the men behind her looked like right now. Spock might be clumsy and mediocre in bed, but he was still ~damned~ attractive!

They moved to the bedroom of their hotel suite. An enormous window opened up to a direct view of the local glacier, ringed by towering spruce under the blue sky. Relaxation like this was just what busy high-ranking Starfleet personnel needed from time to time to keep up their top-notch efficiency.

With the huge fluffy white towels of the hotel, they dried each other off, then peeled swimsuits off bodies flushed with excitement. Jim claimed Christine's voluptuousness with one of his swarming-limbed embraces, kissing her thoroughly before passing her to Spock. The Vulcan accepted her into his arms, facing away from him, his hard penis pressing against her buttocks.

Jim found the bottle of lube hiding behind a vase of flowers. "Why do I keep having to look for this?" Jim asked his friends as he climbed onto the bed with them.

"The maids put it somewhere they don't have to look at it," Christine hypothesized with a smirk. "I think we're embarrassing them."

Spock lay across the bed, nude, aroused. Jim sank down on top of him and kissed him passionately. Throbbing wetness grew between Christine's legs as she watched.

Jim sucked on Spock's lip briefly, then let the kiss die away as they rubbed their hands over each other's chests. Without looking away from Spock, Jim reached behind him to hand the bottle of lube to Christine. Spock spread and bent his legs to give her access, and shuddered against Jim at the cool, soothing touch of her slippery fingers.

Jim kneeled between Spock's legs, and moved himself into position. He supported his mate's legs, holding them up at the thigh with strong hands. Christine amused herself by playing with Spock's nipples as Jim slowly eased himself into Spock's body.

Spock lazily fingered his own hardness, as he gazed into Jim's eyes. Jim pumped into him a few times, then half-smiled. It was a question.

Spock nodded, so Jim cocked his head at Christine. She crawled over to the bottom of the bed and carefully climbed on top of Spock's pelvis, facing Jim. Their bodies met, with Spock's erection trapped between them in a world of soft flesh.

Kneading her clitoris with one finger, Christine eased her body down on top of Spock's hard penis. She enveloped him completely and sighed at his length. Her breasts brushed against Jim's chest tantalizingly as she rocked her pelvis against both of theirs at once.

With one hand, she rolled the flesh of Jim's left buttock beneath her fingers, squeezing, grasping. With the other she continued to tickle her clitoris. Both men kept thrusting, in a natural unison. It wasn't long before everyone climaxed together, in a long, mindless moment of beautiful spasms.

Extricating themselves from this pleasant but inherently temporary position proved to be a bit like playing Jenga with naked, sticky bodies, but they eventually managed it with a small amount of inconvenience and laughter. "That was great!" Jim exclaimed.

"Oh, I'm *so* hungry," Christine discovered suddenly.

Spock handed her the room service telecomputer, a small gizmo that let patrons select food with the touch of the screen. "I suggest we tidy ourselves before we are seen before any outsiders," he commented slyly.

"Yes, we--wouldn't want them to start having to hide *us* behind the vase!" Jim said, grinning.