by Amphioxous

Pairing: S/Mc/Saa
Warning: underage sex. weird. NC-17.
Archive: Anywhere Janet wants to put it.
Note: title courtesy of Federation Ministry of Retroactive Continuity

Dr McCoy paced the length of Spock's home study agitatedly. "Pon farr, pon farr. Why is it always me that has to deal with this-- this-- *Time*." He looked disgusted.

Spock looked at him pointedly. "I do not believe, Doctor, that you were the one she was--"

"Throwing herself at? No, my pointed eared friend, that would be YOU that was having his dick grabbed by that fourteen year old alleycat out there." McCoy slammed his hand down on the arm of the sofa.

"Incorrect, Doctor. She was not grabbing for my penis, but for my testicles, instinctively--"

"Whatever, Spock. You're missing the point." Leonard sighed. "There's a CHILD out there who wants very, very badly to sleep with you."

"Were it only sleep that she needed, Doctor." Spock looked a little pale.

"Well, Mr. Spock? What are you going to do about it?" Leonard crossed his arms and looked at his lover challengingly.

"On Vulcan, she would have been bonded....prepared..."

"Yes, Spock, but unfortunately the Romulans in charge of that wasteland you found her in weren't so kind."

"They had no way of knowing she had inherited the worst of both species along with the best. Romulan women experience a cycle similar to pon farr, but the consequences of unfulfillment are not lethal. However, her Vulcan blood..."

"Needs to mingle with yours, if you'll excuse my romance novel talk." McCoy sighed. "Just go in there! There isn't time to find her any silly teenaged bondmate. You're being ridicuous."

"Doctor, you are forgetting that as a Vulcan, I cannot achieve a climax during sex without my bondmate present."

McCoy sighed exasperatedly. "You are *making excuses*, Spock. I'm a doctor; I don't have a problem with going in there. I just cant do all the work. I'm not Vulcan like you are, I don't have the right-- right sweat chemistry, whatever it is, however it works."

Spock remained silent and motionless for a few moments. "She'll die, Spock. She needs you. You didn't rescue her from Hellguard to die writhing on your bedroom floor of a broken heart." Leonard was almost whispering now.

"I have no intention of letting her die," Spock said calmly, and stood up. "Wait here. I will bring her here. Our bed is not for her."

Leonard McCoy waited, alone, as his lover went to retrieve the sex-starved waif.

Spock returned after what seemed like ages but was really less than a minute, carrying the groggy girl in his arms. Her long stringy hair hung around her pointed ears and over his arm, her face pressed to his chest. "She has exhausted herself by writhing," explained Spock. "I will take care of her." Saavik picked her head up and looked slowly at McCoy, her eyes wide and full of fear. They were dark like lakes.

"My God, Spock, I never really noticed it till now but she's really skin and bones!" Leonard gasped, his brow furrowed with concern. "You might really hurt her!"

"I will endeavor to make this enjoyable for her as best I can, as well as biologically satisfying." Spock studied the pile of limbs in his arms. "Although... I must confess that my experience with females is slim."

"It's simple, Spock," McCoy said wearily. "It's actually easier than what we do." Excuses, excuses! Would this night ever end?

"I am familiar with female biology, *Doctor*," Spock muttered.

Saavik stirred in his arms. "Spock..." And then she mumbled something in Vulcan-Romulan pidgen.

"Yes," Spock replied in the only language she knew. "I will soothe your burning. I am here for you, Saavikam."

Spock carried Saavik to the big overstuffed armchair and sat down carefully. She instinctively shifted around so that she was straddling him as she faced him, her little pathetic legs dangling over each side of him and folded into the cushions.

"Leonard, you know what your place must be. Vulcans do not kiss-- each other." And with that, Spock guided Saavik's hand over his crotch, where his cock was slowly hardening.

Saavik seemed relieved by the access she was now granted to the area of his body that had been forbidden to her previously. She didn't have any idea what was happening to her, and had never been taught about either Pon Farr or K'Reler, the Romulan female estrus cycle. She'd hidden the symptoms from her adoptive fathers, fearing their rejection of her if her "infirmity" were discovered. But then plak tow set in.

Like a hungry monkey with a plantain, she quickly freed Spock's hard shaft from his loose leisure trousers and examined it with her eyes and her deft, stubby fingers. "You should touch her, you know, down there a little," Leonard suggested. "Just to make sure she's ready."

Spock tenderly slid a finger into the folds of her vulva. She had ripped off her underwear in desperation hours ago. "She is wet," he commented.

"That makes sense," Leonard said dryly.

"Doctor, I would appreciate your help in a different way, please?" Spock looked at his confused half-erection and then at Dr. McCoy, with about as much panic as a Vulcan could muster.

"Right, Spock. A fourteen year old girl's not exactly what a gay man in his late forties would spend all night dreamin' about." Leonard approached the chair and matter-of-factly kissed the Vulcan.

Saavik seemed pleased with the results of the kiss, for Spock suddenly had sprung to full arousal. She didn't waste another second. Hoisting herself up with both hands on his shoulders, she positioned her vagina so that it was ready to swallow Spock whole, and then slowly slid down upon his length. When he was fully sheathed, he must have hit some kind of Romulan G-spot, beacuse she moaned and then giggled in contentment. Spock grimaced at the girlish giggle, but Len pulled him in for another kiss.

Spock held Saavik affectionately and stroked her hair as she busily and studiously rode his cock. *I will protect you, little one, forever,* he telegraphed to her mind.

A wash of gratitude accompanied her little dance of sex.

Len licked his ear.

"Continue... Leonard... continue... please..." Spock gasped. The doctor's tongue twirled and swirled and tickled around the delicate point of cartilage and down into the valleys and peaks. Spock groaned animalistically.

Seizing upon the idea as a way to make poor Saavik feel loved and possibly less embarassed when she woke from her sex-crazed stupor, Spock mimicked the actions of his lover and ever so gently sucked the corner of her little ear into his mouth.

Saavik sighed happily and held him tightly as she ground her pelvis against his. She had never felt so safe before in all her short, abused life. He had saved her during this Time, a mystery even to her as it was upon her. She gave to him her heart, and trusted him completely.

Being at least partially Vulcan, they climaxed together, his cock jumping within her wet folds. Spock rubbed her back warmly and pulled her closer. Exhausted beyond belief, she rested her head on his shoulder and immediately fell asleep. She was a sweaty mess and he was still inside her.

Leonard sort of coughed. "Um, Spock." He rocked back and forth on his feet and looked embarrassed. "Could you, uh..."

"Come here," Spock said calmly, and pulled his lover closer. With the true precision that had made him the best First Officer in the fleet, within seconds Leonard's erection was in his mouth.

Leonard closed his eyes and tried to forget that Spock's waning cock was still inside a fourteen year old orhpaned half-Romulan girl they both barely knew. Instead, he focused on the pleasures of Spock's talented tongue, and on the wonders of the depths that Spock's mouth could take.

Vulcans ALWAYS swallow.

They put her to bed on the makeshift cot and tucked the covers up around her neck. "Do you think she'll remember anything in the morning?" McCoy asked, with sympathetic concern.

"She will," said Spock simply. "She understands."

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