Amphioxous Obnoxious presents some Spock/McCoy stories for you to enjoy.
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  • You Always Drive Me Crazy
    G. S/Mc. Spock goes to a contradance with McCoy and doesn't feel like dancing.

  • Leonard Did
    G. S/Mc drabble. Is real Southern iced tea too sweet for Vulcans?

  • Voice
    PG. S/Mc. Spock's dead, and McCoy is hearing voices.

  • The Naked Truth
    PG. S/Mc. Spock takes naughty pictures of McCoy. Meanwhile, a planet of superstitious aliens won't accept a vaccine.

  • Every Day
    G. S/Mc. Spock has problems with the whole 'Valentine's Day' concept.

  • Hashing it Out
    G. S/Mc. Spock and McCoy have nitpicking fun in a Waffle House.

  • Supreme Pleasure
    R. S/Mc drabble. It's really easy to get sick of peaches if your lover is from Georgia...

  • Thanksgiving in Ellijay
    G. Joanna McCoy briefly narrates about how Spock and north Georgia react to each other.

  • Cravings
    G. S/Mc. McCoy's pregnant (yes) and craving foods from home, except that they're on vegetarian Vulcan. Now what?

  • Foreshadowing
    NC-17, S/Mc/Saa. Fourteen-year-old Saavik has pon farr. How do they deal?

  • Encore
    PG. S/Mc, Mc/f (Emony Dax), Spock/f (Jadzia Dax). Lonely in his older years, Spock wants just one more memory...

  • First Meeting
    G. S/Mc drabble. What was it like when they first met?

  • Coyote Wedding Gifts
    S/Mc drabble series, assorted ratings. Different presents from different crewmembers.

  • Green
    R. S/Mc drabble. It's St. Patrick's Day and Spock isn't cooperating.

  • Still Fondly Feuding
    G. S/Mc drabble with K/U. Spock and McCoy's bickering is part of their cultural heritage.

  • Critical Thinking
    G. S/Mc drabble. Love isn't perfect--just awesome.

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