The Bald Truth

A P/C, K/S drabble by Farfalla; rated PG-13
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Originally written for Lyrastar's birthday

Jean-Luc Picard gazed into the eyes of the woman in his arms. "I couldn't hope you'd love me."

"Why not, Jean-Luc?" Beverly asked. "We've known each other so long. I know you've felt this for years; so have I!"

"Beverly," Jean-Luc whispered. "Jack had beautiful hair. I am bald."

"But you're a great captain," she reassured him. "That's all that really matters! Do you think Ambassador Spock cared about Captain Kirk's toupee?"

"He had a--"

"Of course he did. And I doubt he wore it into the bedroom."

Picard's eyes brightened. "What do *you* wear in the bedroom, Beverly?"