It was actually Maoric who added the crucial detail that transformed this foolishness into a genuine ASCEM "Rude person" cave story. ~_^

Title: A Rude Birthday Drabble Authors: Farfalla, Maoric, and Hypatia (Farf wrote the drabble, but we all had the ideas.)
Codes: K/f, S/f, Mc/f, K&S, Ch
fb: blueberrysnail at yahoo dot com
Rating: G, drabble, humor

A RUDE BIRTHDAY DRABBLE written for Cait's birthday
by Farfie-Sue, Patty Kosh, and Captain Maoric

Lieutenant Mary Sue lay breathless and radiant on the biobed, cradling her newborn triplets as she rested. One had hazel eyes and blonde hair, one had Vulcan ears and slanted eyebrows, and the third, eyes of bright blue.

McCoy patted her hair lovingly.

"Now we really are like like brothers!" Kirk grinned at Spock.

"They're as gorgeous as their fathers," commented Nurse Chapel, smiling. She ran a tricorder over the first two babies. "Lieutenant, they've bonded while in the womb."

The blue-eyed baby heard, and even though he was but five minutes old and couldn't possibly have understood, he let out an ear-piercing wail.

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