To: The employees of Crane, Poole, & Schmidt
From: Farfalla Caquí < blueberrysnail @ >
Re: Denny Crane/Alan Shore

It has come to my attention that two attorneys at this firm have been engaging in a same-sex affair over the past few months. If clients do not wish to read fanfiction about such a situation, they are invited to read botanical information about the canistel (Pouteria campechiana) instead.

Please note the ratings on each story, and proceed with caution--or enthusiasm--as your preference dictates.

Thank you for your attention.


CinderAlan PG-13. Paul tries to keep Alan from Denny's New Year's celebration, but Shirley has other plans. A Very Boston Legal retelling of the beloved fairy tale, and part of the 2005 Slash Advent Calendar.

Just Another Evening at the Office PG-13. Alan Shore and Denny Crane brazenly flirting, but it's just to mess with Sally's head. Or is it?

The Loophole NC-17. Denny has a problem, and Alan has a crazy scheme to help him. Meanwhile, Alan shows Denny that a same-sex relationship can be romantic.

Sneaking into Reality G, drabble. Alan's thoughts on the morning after the night he snuck into Denny Crane's bed for the first time. ("Finding Nimmo")

Yellow Wave R. Enraptured but still homophobic, Denny tries to deal, or not deal, with what he has just done with Alan. Part of the 2005 Slash Advent Calendar.

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billy_belly on LiveJournal Purpose? Worshipping Shatner's belly and squeeing over Denny/Alan subtext, apparently

I seem to have this irrepressible fascination with slashing Shatner characters--I've got over a hundred Kirk/Spock stories under my belt and I've also written about Michael Donfield/Ambassador Vladeck from that one Man from U.N.C.L.E. episode he was in. What's next? Who knows... long live Teh Belleh!