Boxing Day

A bizarre romp by Farfalla, rated NC-17,
featuring Kirk/Spock and Kirk/Uhura/Chapel/Rand...
Please avoid if a Santa smut fantasy will gross you out. *g*
Betas: Saavant and Veronica, with a little help from Hy.
Summary: Due to an overdose of holiday cheer, Spock invents some amusing fantasies about Santa and his female elves.

Spock gripped his penis productively. What images should he use tonight for mental stimulation?

It was the middle of the night, and he had already meditated, but he knew that if he did not give his body its nightly treat, it would retaliate by presenting him with a restless sleep--just as his mind would, had he forgone his meditation.

Spock was exhausted, which he would have never admitted out loud (being Vulcan.) He'd been up since early in the morning working on experiments before his shift, and then, once work was done for the day, he'd been cajoled by Captain Kirk into attending the ship's holiday party. It was Christmas Day, a holiday back on Earth, but as far as Spock was concerned, today had been no holiday.

His mind catalogued various tableaux of erotic fantasy, but despite his best efforts he could not remove the paraphernalia of Christmas from his thoughts.

Jim Kirk dressed as Santa Claus popped into his head. It seemed as natural as if he'd been born that way--the stomach certainly agreed with the role, and Spock was used to seeing him in the red Starfleet uniform anyway. And Jim was certainly no newcomer to Spock's sexual fantasies.

Spock had heard enough about Santa during his lifetime to know that his role was the bestower of special gifts. Therefore, logically, this strange Santa fantasy he seemed unable to shake must involve a gift. After working in the lab for several hours he was unable to think of anything he needed except for a new case of Parafilm.

Rubbing his erection more tightly, Spock imagined himself in the science lab, dutifully working as always. Suddenly, a man descended from the ventilation hood. Spock figured this was the science lab's logical alternative to the chimney from which Santa was supposed to emerge, according to legend. It was the captain, dressed in a Santa suit, and he carried over his shoulder a large sack. "Merry Christmas, Spock!" he called out cheerfully.

Spock approached him to receive the gift of Parafilm, and placed it on the shelf where it belonged. Then he returned to Kirk, because he knew that Santa had not properly been thanked. He knew that tradition stated Santa must now be fed milk and cookies in return for his generosity, but he did not have either.

Instead, he got down on his knees and unzipped the red velvet pants.

Spock tended to Santa Kirk's hard, hot penis. He sucked the firm flesh inside his mouth and lapped at it enthusiastically with his tongue. Kirk tasted of cinnamon and nutmeg, and holiday cheer. He patted Spock's head affectionately and groaned raspily, "You've got pointed ears. You should come to the North Pole and be one of my elves." He ran his thumb over the tip of one of Spock's ears to illustrate, and Spock kept sucking his dick.

When Santa Kirk came, it was creamy spiked eggnog and it poured in decadent sweetness down Spock's throat. The Vulcan swallowed and then licked the head of Kirk's organ clean, coaxing out aftershocks of liquid. Then he tucked Kirk back into his pants and closed the fly.

"Merry Christmas, Spock!" Santa Kirk called as he disappeared once again through the ventilation hood. Spock stood up from the floor and watched him go.

In bed, the real Spock furiously worked his dick with weary frustration. He was so tired and distracted from all his lab work that even the blazing hot fantasy of sucking Kirk off in the science lab had not brought him to completion. Time to unfurl his imagination further into the realm of the bizarre.

Santa Kirk rode his sleigh all over the world on Christmas Eve, distributing presents, and it took most of Christmas Day to return to his toasty warm cabin in the North Pole. When he finally arrived, it was December 26th. Spock knew this was something called Boxing Day in Terran Canada and in the more Canadian of the space colonies, and on Boxing Day, the role of servant and master were reversed, as a diversion. He sought to make full use of this obscure fact in his fantasy.

"Ho-ho-ho!" Santa called as he walked inside. "Where are my three ho's?"

"Right here, Santa," called Uhura from the bathtub.

"Over here, Santa!" called Rand from the sofa.

"I'm here, too, Santa," called Chapel from the sofa beside her, where she'd had her head in Rand's lap.

They all had pointed ears and green skin. (This was Spock's fantasy, remember?)

"What a night." Kirk shook his head. "Every year the population grows, and I have to change the laws of physics more and more to make all my deliveries within one night. I can't tell you how good it feels to be back home with my three lovely elves."

"We should give you YOUR present," said Uhura, stepping out of the bathtub and hiding her shimmering, bosomy nakedness beneath a large fluffy robe.

"After such a difficult night, you deserve it," agreed Chapel, standing up.

"But it's also Boxing Day," Rand reminded him, "so WE'RE in charge." All three women smiled mischievously.

"I'm look forward to it," said Kirk amiably. "It'll feel good to put down the reins for once."

The elves approached him slowly and began disrobing him. When he was totally naked except for his red velvet hat (lined with white fur, of course), Chapel took him by the hand and led him to the sofa. Rand scurried off to go hang up his clothing, and Uhura disappeared to find... supplies. They were all alone, just SantaKirk and the Dr. Chapel Elf.

Spock found her a lot less threatening in a fantasy, and a lot more attractive as a Vulcan--er, elf, of course. Elf.

Chapel pushed Kirk down onto the sofa with both hands on his pectoral muscles, and then climbed on top of him. "You work so hard; I bet you haven't had a drink all night," she clucked chidingly, edging forward awkwardly with her knees. Then she lifted up her short green nightie to expose her elven pussy. "Have a drink, dear." She lowered herself onto his mouth.

With his tongue tasting her wetness, flavored of spiced apple pie, he sucked her tiny clitoris until she was flailing and riding his face like it was one of the reindeer. He put his hands on her rear to steady her and sucked harder. She came with a happy squeal, dribbling nectar across his chin.

Spock liked Santa better without a beard.

Chapel left the sofa, her legs wobbling a little from the fabulous head. "Thank you, dear" she said, and stumbled off.

Kirk had a moment to sit up and stretch before Uhura appeared, free of her fluffy bathrobe. Her dark green body shone like a jade statue, with perfect breasts, curvy hips, and shapely legs. He started to play with himself in appreciation.

"Ah-ah-ah!" She shook her finger at him and cocked her head, then took his hand. "Not yet. You're mine next, and I want you to bend over."

Kirk got onto his hands and knees on the couch, but she smacked him on the back of the shoulder. "No, you're going to have to be on the floor for this."

"The floor?" Kirk repeated. He obeyed, of course. He rested his head against the sofa cushions and waited. His knees and lower legs were completely obscured by the two-inch shag carpet.

"Comfy?" asked Uhura.

Kirk nodded without saying anything.

Uhura massaged his back with her talented fingers. "That feels good, doesn't it."

"It's wonderful," he murmured.

Her hands kneaded his ass cheeks. She smacked him a few times, just to get him going. Santa Kirk's round belly shook when he was spanked, like a bowl full of jelly.

Suddenly, he felt something wet drip from her fingers into his anus. He didn't say anything, but gripped the couch in preparation.

Then Uhura began fucking him with a peppermint-striped strap-on. He moaned nonsense words and felt his body turn to liquid against the sofa. He tried to touch himself, but she pulled his hand away by the wrist.

She bent in close and her big beautiful breasts grazed his back. "I love to ride my reindeer," she cooed in his ear. "Fastest reindeer in the herd."

After a few minutes, she was done with him; she didn't want him to come yet because she didn't want to ruin Rand's turn, and she could tell they were both pretty horny. She withdrew and scampered off, leaving him to pull himself up onto the sofa and collapse sporting the hardest erection EVER.

Rand appeared at the doorway and he started to rise to meet her, but she stopped him. "Sit."

Nude, she walked towards him slowly so he could get a good view of her body, including her perfectly shaved pussy. His dick pounded with hunger for her.

When she reached him, she turned around and sat down on his cock, facing away from him. They both groaned obscenely as their bodies locked together.

As Kirk began to play with her breasts, he noticed that Chapel and Uhura had re-entered the room and were rolling around in the shag rug together. Chapel's fingers were between Uhura's thighs.

Rand moved herself up and down, with Kirk helping, until they were fucking so hard that the sofa creaked. He held her bouncing breasts in both hands, letting her nipples poke out between his fingers. The white fur tip of his hat swung around faster and faster.

They came together, and sent Uhura, across the room, over the edge as well with their cries. Spock found this tableaux so arousing that he finally ejaculated, with such force that the bed shook.

He curled up against his pillow when he was finished, hands and body flaccid, and exhausted beyond belief.

A noise beside him roused him from the sleep he had already half-fallen into. "I apologize--" he whispered hastily. "I did not mean to wake you."

"Can I at least see what that was all about?"

Spock moved one hand over and mumbled, "My mind to your mind."

As he fell asleep, the last thing he heard was a sigh and a chuckle. "Spock, you are MUCH stranger than you let on in public," said Dr. McCoy.

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