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Characters portrayed by Shatner and Nimoy in the Man from U.N.C.L.E. episode "The Project Strigas Affair"

Unless noted, these stories do not represent a continuous timeline and are not interconnected.
Slavonic Dances by Farfalla, NC-17. Ever since he met the man who is now the Ambassador of a small Balkan state never named during the episode, Michael Donfield has been fantasizing about him nonstop. Then, one day, the phone rings at the pest control service, and the voice on the other end has a familiar accent....

Limousine Closet by Farfalla, R. Possible sequel to "Slavonic Dances". Vladeck rescues Michael from a jam and Michael doesn't want to go home.

Where Does a Dream Begin by Farfalla, R. Possible sequel to "Limousine Closet". The secret lovers find hope and perhaps redemption in a few optimistic song lyrics.

From Fire Unto Fire by Farfalla, NC-17, D/s/bondage. Possible sequel to "Where Does a Dream Begin". Vladeck quiets some of Michael's fears with a dose of kinky affection.

Inheritance by titC, PG. Possible sequel to all the Farfieverse stories above, set in 2004. A child finds hope from the unconventional love story found in a neighbor's flat.

Just a Lucky Guy by Lyrastar, NC-17. Vladeck tries to seduce Michael in a limo.

Music for Blooming by Farfalla, R. Michael lies dazed on a hotel bed, pleasure and turmoil warring for his attention.

Michael's Trespass by Dale, NC-17. Kirk/Spock crossover. Kirk and Spock are avoiding the truth of how they feel, until Kirk is injured and a mysterious personality emerges. Possible sequel to "Limousine Closet".

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Other Donfield slash

Summer Cool by Farfalla, NC-17. A cheerfully angst-free Michael has cutesy anonymous gay sex. Based on an idea from Hypatia.

The Locust Affair NC-17 by LadyRa. THRUSH is trying to create a super-bug, so naturally, Napoleon and Illya need Michael Donfield's pest control expertise. Mostly a NS/IK story, but includes some heavy Michael/Illya stuff and another Michael/m pairing (happy ending for everyone!)