Michael's Trespass

-Dale Taylor- valioffire @ yahoo.com

A Kirk/Spock and Donfield/Vladeck crossover fic
Summary: Kirk and Spock are avoiding the truth of how they feel, until Kirk is injured and a mysterious personality emerges.
Dedication: For Farfalla, and Lyra, whose Donfield/Vladeck stories inspired me.
Thank-you both. I used insight's from Farfalla's story: Limousine Closet.
Beta: Farfalla, Thank-you. What errors you discover are mine.

On an away mission to survey for colony locations, several teams from the Enterprise had been scattered throughout the planet Jiona. The Enterprise circled the globe while beaming crew members and supplies to and from their destinations. Three of the ship's officers stood on a mountain side over looking what would one day be a thriving city. Captain James Kirk, his First Officer, Spock, and Chief Medical officer Leonard McCoy were the last in their area to be picked up. Knowing the ship was a few hours away, they had hiked up a small mountain ridge to look around, when disaster struck. A ledge Kirk was standing on gave way and he plummeted nearly six feet onto a bigger ledge beneath them. It was the angle of his fall that caused the damage, landing almost directly on his head. Luckily a backpack in his hands had cushioned most of the impact, preventing a neck injury. Forty-two minutes later he regained consciousness.

"Easy, Jim," McCoy said, pushing the captain firmly down as he started to rise.

Jim laid back but cringed at the movement, his head swirling uncontrollably. He tried to anchor it down, but a pounding throb roared distractedly in his ears.

McCoy pressed an injection into his captains neck. "That will help you get your bearings a little, and help with that headache I'm sure your sporting. You took a nasty hit." The doctor's fingers carefully swapped at the wound with items from his medical kit. "Let me change that dressing. The bleeding's slowed down, but you have a lump the size of an avocado pit."

The injured man watched the men beside him through a haze, becoming agitated by the two apparent strangers. He flinched at McCoy's administrations and tried to move away.

Seeing Jim's distress, Spock placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "It's all right, Captain.'

"Vladeck?" Jim mumbled. His eyes wouldn't focus, but hearing the ambassador's voice coming from the man beside him eased a nagging fear that was taking control. But the man holding his shoulder sounded off --something was different.

"Where's that damn transporter?" McCoy asked Spock.

"They are still out of range, Doctor --there's interference from the minerals in the mountain. I sent a signal but they have to be closer to pick it up. All we can do is wait for them to respond."

The captain turned to Spock with a jarring snap that he instantly regretted. He groaned aloud as the pain filtering around his head slowly showed only a little improvement. "Anton?" he asked weakly. "What happened? How did I get hurt?"

"Anton?" asked McCoy, perplexed. He turned Jim's head back from watching Spock and tried to meet his eyes. But the captain struggled to see Spock. "Jim, look at me.. I need to see you try to focus." His stomach clinched at seeing the wild look in his friend's glazed eyes.

"He seems disoriented, Doctor," Spock was surprised when the captain grabbed his hand and squeezed as if in possession of something he cherished.

"Anton, please explain this to me." Kirk watched the man in blue, but he still couldn't get a clear picture. "I feel like a television set that went on the fritz. I'm suppose to be home by 9:00; I promised Anne."

McCoy and Spock stared at each other. "He has a concussion, but I can't see what would be causing this. We need to get him to sickbay and run tests." He finished putting a fresh bandage on Jim's injured temple, cringing at the ugly bruise that was starting to encircle the lump.

Spock started to dislodge the shaky hand in his grip as the captain protested; "Don't leave me. I don't want to be alone."

"Jim, we're not going to leave you. Settle down and let me finish looking you over." McCoy had checked Jim out when he was unconscious but the captain's behavior caused him to fear he might have missed something. He gently rubbed around the scalp to see if there were anymore injuries, but couldn't find any. Gently he placed a wet rag on his patient's face and again wiped carefully at the dirt and perspiration. There were a series of scrapes impacted in the checks and on the bridge of his nose, caused from scraping the sandy surface of the ledge. The skin was unusually pale with a faint blush on the edges of his cheeks.

The cold cloth felt good against Jim's face, but his vision still blurred. Blinking, trying to bring a coherency to his eyes, the wounded man shifted his gaze to the man who's hand he had recaptured. He clung to the fingers as if they were a lifeline.

"Who is Anton?" Spock asked. He watched the young captain swallowing hard as if forcing himself to remember how to breathe. Jim's agitation was palpable.

"What is going on? You told me to call you that." Nervousness caused his voice to sound raspy. "I... I couldn't pronounce your first name." The unfocused blue Anton didn't speak, so he continued. "When we were in the limousine."

Not understanding what his captain and friend was talking about, Spock shook his head. "Jim, we've not been in a limousine that I can recall. At least not together." Spock watched the confusion on Jim's face intensify as the captain chewed his bottom lip. The first officer knew this was a sign of his captain contemplating the events around him. Usually troubling events.

"I don't understand why you're doing this. Are you upset with me?" Then he leaned closer to Spock and whispered. "Is it because he's here?" He pointed nonchalantly at McCoy.

Shaking his own head in wonder, McCoy turned to Spock. "Let's get him under that tree over there and make him more comfortable. I hope the Enterprise hurries."

"I'm not going anywhere with you." Jim stated firmly while glaring at the doctor. "I told you... I need to get home. I can't play these games." The last sentence was for Anton's benefit. He loved this man and was often intrigued by his mysterious lifestyle, but he was an enigma. Desperately he wanted the pieces of this puzzle to fit together. Why was Vladeck acting so strange?

"Do you have any idea where we are?" Spock watched the captain with concern. He hadn't released his hand but the shaking had subsided a little.

Shaking his head no, Jim concentrated on the face next to him. It almost came into focus. If only he could see those deep chestnut eyes he felt he would be safe. Those eyes always gave him a secure balance. A place to belong, free to be himself. "We were headed somewhere together... I think -no, we were coming from a party of some sort. I needed to get home to Anne... but I didn't want to. I wanted to stay with you."

"Who's Anne, Jim?" the doctor asked.

"My wife," he replied, surprised the man had asked. The ambassador always wanted people to know he was married. It made things easier. That was what Anton had told him. "Why are you calling me Jim?" He turned again to the man in blue, squeezing his hand firmer. "And what happened to your accent?"

"To the best of my knowledge Captain, I have never spoken with an accent."

Jim's forehead burrowed with tension. His head felt like it was going to explode and Vladeck wasn't helping with these silly games. With that thought he started to rise, letting go of Anton's hand with a snap. Both men grabbed to steady him, but they were too late. Jim hit his head with a thud. A sharp gasp filled the air when his throat voiced his bodies objection to his forehead once again hitting the ground. Before he could catch his breath he was bathed in blackness.

"That was a damn fool stunt." the doctor lectured Jim as his eyes slowly opened.

He cringed at the bright light the man was shinning in his eyes. It shot a stabbing pain with each lance. "Stop it! " He hissed back, pushing the doctor's hand away.

McCoy ignored his patient's crankiness. "You've been out for almost an hour. I thought it would be safer to let you wake up on your own."

"Where is Vladeck?" the younger man asked anxiously. "Did he leave me here?"

The doctor sighed and repositioned himself on the ground, settling closer to the captain. They had moved him under the tree and propped him so he wouldn't fall over. "Can you tell me your name?"

Jim started to answer but stopped with visible relief when he spotted his friend coming to set on the other side of him. He was still slightly out of focus but he had no doubt who he was. He felt more familiar with that body then his own. Automatically he grabbed Anton's hand and cradled it possessively in his lap.

McCoy noticed Spock didn't react this time, and in fact seemed content with the personal contact. 'Do they realize how natural they look together?,' he mused. His full attention was instantly drawn back to Jim when he heard him say; "I'm Michael Donfield, a friend of Ambassador Vladeck's."

Realizing the doctor should have known that, Michael suddenly looked at Spock. "I thought he worked for you... your physician." As if just realizing he was holding Vladeck's hand in front of the doctor he quickly let go and flushed with embarrassment. "Oh Anton, I'm so sorry." Michael dropped his chin against his chest.

Spock reached for the hand back and held it in both of his. "It's all right, Michael. We have nothing to hide."

Doctor McCoy was pleased over Spock's quick grasp of the situation. He wanted to ask more questions but decided to let Spock proceed.

"Then he does work for you? At the embassy?"

"Yes." Spock was intrigued by the elaborate layers of Jim's fantasy. Where was all this coming from? He caressed Jim's hand softly, not noticing his thumb kneading possessively in his captain's palm.

"What happened to your accent?" he asked dreamily. "I miss it."

"Tell me why you like it." Spock encouraged him.

A grin that would light up a church building spread over Michael Donfield's face. "It's a harp string in my heart with every clipped word. I sometimes get it mixed up," he whispered shyly, "If it's Russian or Croatian, something like that. But you don't seem to mind."

Leonard McCoy smiled watching his two friends gaze at each other. They were lost in each other's eyes, even if one wasn't exactly focusing at the moment. Jim's eyes were still slightly dilated and kept periodically blinking as though trying to bring the world into focus. Or at least Spock's face.

"Do you trust me Michael?" Spock asked cautiously.

"You know I do."

Spock let out a soft sigh, and moved closer to Jim. Their faces were only a few inches apart. "I'm going to place my fingers on your face. You'll feel a bit dizzy for a moment but you'll soon be relaxed. Is this all right with you?"

Without asking 'Why,' Michael simply said "Yes." He was already dizzy, but he wasn't sure if it was the injury or the fact Anton was setting so close. God, how he loved this man.

Spock placed his fingers in the right meld positions on the undamaged side of his face and slowly searched the familiar pathways which led to Jim's mind. They had melded before but Spock was instantly overcome by something different. Deep passionate love. Love from Jim, yet not Jim -Michael. Michael was filling the link with his pleasure of having Anton within him. Spock tried to resist the tantalizing pull to reciprocate. He knew Jim was in this mind and he had to shield his friend from knowing the depth of his own feelings -his love for his captain.

Michael's unobstructed honesty caused Spock to blush. Visions of 'man love' filtered through the link. He saw himself reaching for this man's private parts. Pushing hard and feeling an equally hard resounding push back. They were glued against a wall. Spock, no --Anton pressed Michael hard against the surface, rubbing his grip unmercifully. Spock watched the couple in wonder, Michael was Jim. And Anton was Spock -only different, Anton was fully human, no green tone to his skin and his ears were rounded on the edges. They were both wearing suits, like the ones him and Jim had worn on the gangster planet, Sigma Iotia ll. Anton unzipped Michael's pants, shoving them part way down and quickly eased his long fingers inside a loose pair of cotton underwear. He ensnared the hardened cock.

Michael's intake of breath excited Anton and Spock felt Anton's own bulge rub Michael's hand that pressed tightly against him. A few minutes later Anton's pants were also lowered. Moans filled each other's mouths as they kissed passionately while grinding briskly into each other's hands. Warm semen oozed between their fingers as they both pumped long after the spasms had sent their lust floating free.

Spock forced himself to move forward as his mind wanted to become cradled in one passionate moment after another. He felt his groin harden. Spock gently kissed Michael and said, "Please, lead me to where Jim is."

"Who?" Michael struggled with momentary confusion.

"Jim Kirk." Spock allowed his perception of Jim to fill Michael's pathways. "My Jim." Spock whispered.

"The F.B.I. man... Kirk." Michael explained. "It was an identity Anton gave me once." Michael's confusion was starting to clear, concern for his friend blossomed in the link. "Where is Anton?"

"In your heart." answered Spock. "As Jim is in mine."

"Yes, Anton is my other half." Michael stated firmly. "He taught me that it is okay to love who you desire." Michael's eyes focused on Spock, as he caressed the lips with his fingers. "Jim is coming back now. He yearns for your love and desire."

Spock's breathing sped up as he understood Michael's words. Jim yearned for him. "Jim!" Spock called out feeling tingles of Jim's thought waves. He knew Michael had left, but the passion between him and Anton still caressed the link. Spock's heart danced as his mind felt the self knowledge of Jim.

"Spock!" Whispered Jim, "My Spock." A tinkling of passion past through their joined thoughts. For a moment Spock hesitated, but Jim sent reassurance. Instantly, heated passion filled each others hearts. Both were now complete.

Spock reached through the link to show Jim how he wanted to cradle inside his body. Their lips caressed in need, their minds rocking together with unburdened ecstasy as they clung to fulfill a climax that marked the beginning of their passionate journey together, as Jim and Spock.

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