The Gamin Drabbles

(a Spock/Chapel series by Farfalla*,
with bits of K&S)


"Hmm," said a thoughtful voice from the science console.

"What is it?" Kirk asked with concern.

"Gamin Davis is running low on inspiration," Spock reported.

"What? Scotty, you've got to give her more power!" Kirk's temple pulsed and sweat began to form on his brow.

"I canna fix the problem, Captain!" Scotty wailed over the intercom. "It's all up to you and Commander Spock."

"Me and--Spock?"

"Yes, Captain," Scotty insisted. "She says you haven't been playing with her as much as she'd like."

Chapel arrived on the bridge and stalked over to Spock. "Who's this 'Gamin' woman?" she asked sharply.

Spock bit his lip. Kirk fidgeted, hiding a smile.


Kirk paced the conference room. "We've got quite a problem, Mr. Spock."

Spock steepled his hands and leaned against the table. "Indeed. We must endeavor to be 'cute' to pacify Gamin's muses, but not 'cuddly' enough to invoke her ire."

"Or Christine's," Kirk added.

Spock nodded, shooting a glance at the nurse. She stood in the corner with her arms folded, watching.

"A hurt/comfort setup usually works for her," Kirk observed.

"A logical suggestion. We often express our feelings through such scenes."

"I think you should pay attention to me, and not Gamin," Chapel pointed out, "or you'll have some hurt to comfort, all right!"

Desperate Measures

Spock was sitting at his desk, scribbling madly on a PADD and barking out commands to two computer consoles at once.

Chapel walked in and asked Kirk. "Is he still--?"

Kirk nodded. "Working on his calculations for Hurt/Comfort. Taking him hours."

"Gamin Davis must be pretty special to him," Chapel muttered.

Kirk nodded absentmindedly, trying to read over Spock's shoulder.

"I can't take this anymore," Chapel exclaimed suddenly. With two strides she was across the room and was pushing Kirk against the wall in a passionate embrace.

Spock sprang from his chair and was at her side in milliseconds, eyes blazing.

Chapel backed away from Kirk, and smirked.


Spock collapsed to the floor, his face contorted in pain. Chapel sank to her knees at his side. "Honey--?" This seemed all too familiar.

"I need--"

"I'm out of here," Kirk mumbled, speeding out the doorway.

Chapel caressed Spock's brow. "You're fevered."

Spock made unintelligible noises.

Without missing a beat, Chapel hit the wall communicator. "Transporter room, beam Mr. Spock and myself to his quarters. Medical emergency."

She held him as they beamed. Once there, she lay him across the bed and began to disrobe him.

"What are you doing?"

"Helping you?" she countered.

"I need stomach medicine," he told her dryly. "I consumed too much plomeek soup for breakfast."


Kirk sipped his coffee glumly.

Lieutenant Gamin Davis sat down next to him holding a mug of cappucino. "What's wrong, Captain?"

"I got written out of the drabble series. Spock needed something important from the nurse and there was no place for me."

Gamin leaned closer to Kirk and whispered in his ear. His eyes brightened, and then he smiled.

He leapt up and hurried off.

Five minutes later, there was a knock at Spock's door. Chapel answered it, and Kirk bounded in. "Spock!"

"Rggn," Spock groaned from the bed, still clutching his stomach.

"I brought you Pepto-Bismol." Kirk grinned, tossing the pink pills to his best friend.

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*Originally written into Gamin's Yahoo Messenger window