Stories with Chapel

by Farfalla

Fuel Enough for Eight
TOS, NC-17, Chapel/Rand. Silly Chanukah femmeslash--how many orgasms can a lesbian couple have in one night?

TOS, NC-17, Sarek/Chapel, Sarek/Amanda and Spock/m implied. Ambassador Sarek comes to Chapel while she's studying medicine on Vulcan wanting to know more about Spock's flight to Gol.

Playtime in Alberta
TOS, NC-17, (Kirk/Spock)/Chapel PWP. Christine joins Kirk and Spock on a vacation in the mountains.

The Doorway
TOS, PG-13, Kirk/Spock/Chapel. At an Enterprise holiday party, Christine gets wedged into a stuck doorway with Kirk and Spock--directly under the mistletoe.

The Doll
TOS, R, Chapel/Andrea (from "What Are Little Girls Made Of?") S/Ch and K/S implied. Chapel inherits a backup version of her late fiance's android geisha. Part of the ChapelFest.

Nightmare--From Another Dimension!
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock. Mirror Chapel finds herself on the regular Enterprise and attempts to implement a "fuck-or-die" scenario on the "wimpy" Federation versions of her brutal, boorish captain and his ruthless sidekick. One problem--some things are *very* different in this universe...

The Gamin Drabbles
TOS, G/PG, Spock/Chapel, Kirk&Spock, Spock/f (Gamin Davis herself.) Five drabbles that tell a story about three characters interacting in amusing ways with a certain well-known Trek fan.

TOS, G, McCoy/Chapel (Kirk/Spock and unrequited Spock/Chapel implied.) Christine feels inadequate after Spock's rejection in Amok Time, but McCoy reminds her what a special person she really is. Warning: watch for curveballs.

Bedtime Stories
TOS, PG-13, Chapel/Rand drabble. Long distance relationshipping in the 23rd century.

M'Ress's Pet
TAS, G, Chapel/M'Ress. First dates are awkward enough without one of the partners being a ~very~ different species.

Everybody Loves Lesbians
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock, Chapel/Leila Kalomi. Spock doesn't understand the logic of Kirk's enjoyment of lesbian porn, so Kirk tries to pique his interest with a shared fantasy about two blondes Spock has been with in the past.

TOS, PG-13, Chapel/Rand drabble. Janice uses Christine as a typewriter. (from the FFF round 13)

For the Love of Peace and Quiet
TOS, G, Kirk/Spock, McCoy/Chapel UST implied. After "Journey to Babel", Kirk and Spock drive everyone nuts by having long conversations across Sickbay while recuperating from their various adventures.

TOS, R, McCoy/Chapel and McCoy/Barrows limerick. Two many women, too little time...

Boxing Day
TOS, NC--17, Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Uhura/Chapel/Rand. Due to an overdose of holiday cheer, Spock invents some amusing fantasies about Santa and his female elves.

A Starship Named Desire
TOS, PG-13 poetry, Spock/Chapel, Kirk/Spock. "After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting..."

Spooging on Captain Kirk: Nurse Christine Chapel
TOS, R, drabble, Kirk/Chapel, Kirk/male implied. **ridiculous parody**, part of a series.

Haiku: Not in the Closet
Chapel wants to shag
Spock in the Sickbay closet
But too bad--he's gay !

The Christine Chapel Fanfiction Festival

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