R-rated TOS drabble
Summary: McCoy isn't exactly enjoying having a Spock in his head. The title is a quote from the Song of Songs, 7:7.


McCoy had just witnessed Kirk steal the Enterprise. That warranted some quality time alone with Saurian brandy.

A lonely, nostalgic longing for a woman's company wandered through his mind. The thoughts of first Nancy's, then Tonia's breasts falling over him from above teased his heart.

Within his brain, Spock agreed.

Puzzled, Leonard probed further. How could Spock, who'd lived in a same-sex relationship for decades, know the pleasure of lying under a pair of luscious breasts?

In one more horrifying moment, he knew.

It was going to take a LOT of brandy to erase the word `manboobs' from his mind.

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