Stories with Data

by Farfalla

How to Grow Wings and Fly
TOS/TNG, G, Kirk/Spock and Data/Yar. In the Afterlife, Kirk and Spock use a combination of faith and logic to cheer somebody up. Contains major spoilers for Star Trek: Nemesis

The Seven Letter Solution
TNG, G, Data&Troi, Data/m and Data/LaForge implied. Data visits Counselor Troi for some advice on his love-life.

Data in the Soap
TNG, G, Data/LaForge, Picard/Data implied. Data comes back from the Romulan trip in "Unification" with a startling little piece of news.

Harry Potter and Star Trek are not my property and I am making no profit from anything featured on any of these sites. We mean our beloved characters no harm and think that quite possibly they enjoy the variety ;-)

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