Stories with Deanna Troi

by Farfalla

With Will Riker

One Size Fits All
TNG, R, humor, Riker/Troi and some original characters. Captain Riker buys his wife a birthday present that proves to have some unexpected benefits.

Coitus Titanus
TNG, NC-17, PWP, Riker/Troi. Frivolous marital smut in Riker's ready room after he marries Deanna Troi and takes command of the Titan.

Catching a Wild Goose
TOS/TNG, G. Kirk/Spock, Riker/Troi. After Nemesis in a universe where K/S never happened, Spock comes on board the Titan and fools around on the holodeck at Deanna's suggestion.

Why Deanna Married Riker and Not Worf
TNG, R. Riker/Troi & Worf/Troi humor.

Other (including f/f)

Erin Qapla'!
TNG, PG, Worf/Troi drabble. Worf likes St. Patrick's Day.

The Chocolate Klingon
TNG, NC-17, Worf/Troi, Picard/Q implied. Q pulls a bizarre prank on Worf and Deanna.

Underwater Basketweaving
TNG/TOS, R. Troi/Rand, Riker/Troi implied. Troi visits the holodeck to get her hair done and her rocks off.

Deanna's Decadent Dip
TNG, NC-17, Troi/Q, Picard/Q implied. Q turns Troi's bathwater into chocolate, and things go from there.

The Seven Letter Solution
TNG, G, Data&Troi, Data/m and Data/LaForge implied. Data visits Counselor Troi for some advice on his love-life.

TNG/TOS parody/humor, G, Troi&LaForge, Saavik, Kirk/Spock implied. LaForge asks Deanna Troi some questions about the famous Captain Saavik.

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