Title: The Doorway
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail @ yahoo.com
Website: http://cosmicduckling.com
Pairing: K/S/Ch
Rating: PG-13
Betas: Hypatia, Saavant, & Sensefille
Written for the Mess With Christine Fest
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Disclaimer: Trek belongs to people who never take their pets out for walks or let them have any fun. Badge!


"Who says women have to give up femininity to get equal rights? Anyway I don't want to go through a doorway ahead of a man--it's much more fun to squeeze through together."
---Perle Msta
Captain Kirk lifted his third glass of eggnog to his smiling lips, but froze before he could gulp it down. *Dammit!* he cursed to himself. He'd left Dr. McCoy's Christmas present back in his quarters. He looked around at the rest of his crew enjoying their holiday party. Well, it wouldn't be too much of a problem to leave for a moment and retrieve it. He'd just duck out and back before he had a chance to miss anything entertaining.

"Be right back, Scotty, I forgot Bones's present," Kirk called to his approaching friend as he held up one hand. He started to leave the room.

"Cap'n!" Scotty called after him just as he was leaving. "Ye've got a piece of confetti in yer hair."

"Huh?" Kirk called back, pausing just under the doorframe. "Thanks!" He stood there, patting his hair for a moment.

Spock had been on the other side of the room tinkering with the music, but when he noticed Kirk leaving he made his own way toward the door. Crew parties were still not his element, and he tolerated them for Jim's sake. If Jim was leaving, even for a moment, he'd rather tag along silently than try to make conversation with whomever decided he was next on their dance card for punch conversation.

He made his way toward the door, and Jim, seeing him coming, waited with a charming smile.

At the same time, Nurse Chapel was approaching the rec room, decked out in the fresh uniform she'd changed into after a very drunk Chekov had spilled punch all over her. She was still so distracted from the experience that she didn't seem to notice Kirk and Spock standing in the doorway until the last minute.


To make matters worse, the doorway decided at that moment to start sliding shut, and when it hit Chapel's back, it only stopped instead of receding. It left Kirk sandwiched in between an embarassed Christine, and an even more embarrassed Spock, and they were all three of them thoroughly, thoroughly stuck.

"Oh! Oh," Kirk muttered, trying to shift out of the mess they were in. He could sense Spock's anxiety, and he could see the anxious look on Chris's face. Holiday spirits were sinking, and he had to think fast.

Then he looked up.

"Hey. Look up," he said gently. Chapel's face upturned, and Kirk felt the movement of Spock's nose as the Vulcan, too, tilted his head. They gasped almost in unison when they spotted the mistletoe some creative soul had placed there with tender loving care.

"Mistletoe," Chapel murmured.

"A parasite," observed Spock. "Yet humans attach to it a romantic association I do not understand."

"You don't have to understand it," Kirk shushed him. "Just enjoy it! Come on." He reached behind him and squeezed Spock's thigh affectionately. He knew Spock wouldn't mind terribly; to most people, it would probably just look like he was struggling to free himself. In reality, he was in no hurry. Spock's body was pressed tightly to his back, a treasured sensation Jim wasn't usually offered in public, and Christine's lovely, full bosom was pressing deliciously into his chest.

Christine opened her mouth with an expression of motherly remonstration, about to give him cause to pause, but something in his sunny face made her relax and accept his embrace. He pulled her face to his and deposited a few little kisses on either side of her mouth before smooching her for real. And all the time, his hand remained possesively on Spock's thigh.

"Mmm," she mumbled wantonly when he pulled his mouth away from hers with a small tug at one lip. She had definitely loosened up a little since a minute ago. He squeezed her middle as best he could in the strange position they were in, and leaned back across Spock's shoulder. They nuzzled their faces together at the cheek for a moment, not able to kiss, really, but Spock nipped at his ears and neck.

It was heaven, really.

"Now you two have to kiss," Jim pointed out through the daze of carefree pleasure in his mind.

Spock raised one eyebrow at Christine. He was relieved that Jim was there. Somehow, in the presence of his t'hy'la, he was not as terrified of her touch. Everything was all right. Jim would protect him from whatever he'd been anxious about. His mind could remain at ease in the shelter of its other half, and finally allow him to physically appreciate the pretty nurse.

Nearly crushing Jim in a very pleasing way as they craned their necks toward each other, Spock and Christine brought their faces together and kissed daintily. Jim was dizzy with delight. He was surrounded by everything nice--what a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve!

"Cap'n! I got the door fixed," called a hearty brogue.

Kirk's eyelashes fluttered as his two companions peeled themselves off of him and let the door open all the way. "Thank you, Mister Scott," he mumbled, nodding his head professionally. "What was I-- why was I leaving in the first place?"

"You were goin' ta get Dr. McCoy his Christmas gift," Scotty said helpfully.

There was a chuckle from the dessert tray. "It's okay, Jim," McCoy kidded, his blue eyes twinkling and his smile almost crackling like the sparks of a fire. Kirk could tell from his amused expression that he had seen everything. "I think I've had my present already!"