Title: Empty Nights
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail (at) yahoo dot com
Rating: PG, drabble, angst, possible SluFF
Written for Stephen's call of duty challenge
Summary: The priestesses at Gol try to deal with Spock's pon farr.

Many come to Gol for guidance, and a Vulcan priestess never turns away from her duty.

The duties extend beyond that of the spirit. Sometimes, a man comes seeking freedom from the chains of his animal origins, his emotional burden. We can free him of all but pon farr, which we can only relieve.

Seven of our company came to the one called Spock, and each in turn laid with him through the night. Still his burning persisted, through one week and into the next.

We cannot help him. He is bonded; only his other half can end his pain.

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