Star Trek Enterprise femslash from the FFF Round XIV

Tastes Like Chicken
a drabble

T'Pol/Sato by Farfalla; R
blueberrysnail @

"I want you to relax and feel comfortable, T'Pol," Hoshi purred, lying on her stomach. "Talk dirty to me. It turns me on."

"Your arousal is a most desirable event." T'Pol ran her hand over Hoshi's smooth naked backside, thinking briefly. "Your body's beauty causes my hen to lubricate. I am ready for penetration."

Hoshi blinked. "Your--hen?"

"Hen, a female Earth chicken. Is hen not the proper counterpart to 'cock', a male chicken?"

Hoshi smiled, rolling over languidly like a cat. "It doesn't exactly work like that." She kissed the inside of T'Pol's thigh. "But I appreciate the sentiment."

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