Title: Eternity's First Frolic
Author: Farfalla
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Betas: Thank you Hypatia and Blue for beta'ing, and thank you to Chris and Auntie M for reading it over, and to Birgit for reading it over AND having the idea for the pairing ;-)
Series: Star Trek Everything :-P (TOS, TNG, DS9...)
Pairing: Spock/Jadzia, Kirk/Spock implied (are you kidding? I wrote it, so duh. :-P), well, and J/W implied of course.
Rating: NC-17 but mildish
Disclaimer: Everybody here belongs to Paramount, and Heaven belongs to all of us.
Summary: What if Spock and Jadzia died at exactly the same time? (Hypatia, you rock ~ thanks for the idea!)
Written for Birgit's Spock/Jadzia ASCEM challenge.

Eternity's First Frolic

Somehow, Ambassador Spock, lying sick in a bed somewhere hidden in secrecy on Romulus, had a feeling that this would be the last time he would ever cough. There was much more thought given to the process of dying this time around; decades ago in the middle of the Mutara Nebula time had been precious, his thoughts consumed in those few brief moments entirely with fixing the warp reactor and saying goodbye to his soulmate. But these past days of illness were completely different. Young Romulans cared for their old teacher as he lay slipping away from life before them, and he was proud to look on them and note that his work would almost certainly progress with at least some kind of success during the next several years. It was night, and they were all asleep now, even the one now on guard at his side. He knew she hadn't meant to doze off, and felt pity for the sorrow he knew she would feel when she woke and discovered his presence had melted away before her, and she had missed it. But it was time for him; there was no need to fight it at this point. All of his friends, his real friends, had died long ago, and like a true Vulcan he hadn't let himself grow less productive in his loneliness. But he had done enough.

Eyes beneath slanted brows fluttered shut, and an aged Vulcan with blood from two distant stars faded from life.

Spock's sight became flooded with a rush of light that almost blinded him. He seemed to be weightlessly floating. This was a place he remembered. And this time, there was no reason to shut his eyes to the light, no soul held prisoner back in the mortal world.

As he stared into the light, he gradually became accustomed enough to make out faint outlines of shapes. Patches of color floated amorphously in the white expanse, some bright and flowery, some dark, some faded. He looked down at his own body, and reflected that he seemed to have returned to the age he was when he had died the first time. *Heaven has an amusing logic all its own,* he reflected. He continued the study of his body. Everything seemed to have been replicated from his original mortal body, with the one obvious exception being the enormous pair of black feathery wings that had grown out of his back. He lifted his eyebrow as he absorbed the sight of them from over his shoulder.

He hadn't lost his ability to sense emotion, and he suddenly felt a strong wave of sadness that he knew wasn't coming from him. Using his inherited telepathy as a sort of celestial sonar, he sought out the source of the despair.

Somewhere down and to the left.

He swam, or floated, or flew, in the direction of the sorrow. There he found another angel, almost hiding inside her white wings like a sleeping swan. The only reason he knew she was female was because her hair poured out of the top of where the wings met to hide her head. It was dark hair, and very beautiful.

Spock watched her until the wings unfolded and her face emerged. The spots on her face displayed her Trill heritage, and she seemed somewhat familiar to him somehow. "Jadzia Dax?" he asked.

She seemed completely stunned; floored. "Dax didn't die. Just me, Jadzia. Ambassador Spock?"

"Your name and face are familiar to me from the war reports. I see that Deep Space Nine has lost a very talented and competent officer," he said softly.

Jadzia nodded sadly. "I didn't want to leave... but Worf said the prayers for me and that's when I couldn't hide it from myself anymore."

"I grieve with thee." Spock felt a little strange saying these words on this side of death, but he felt them all the same.

"Thank you," said Jadzia. "We were... going to have a baby..." She turned to look at him fully in the face. "Why are *you* here?"

"Illness," explained Spock. "I have been on Romulus these last few years, teaching some of the younger and more peaceable generation the Vulcan ways. Apparently my body lacks resistance to some of their native diseases."

"I'm sorry." Jadzia was examining her own body, which was suffering from a visually appealing lack of clothing. Then she turned her eyes to Spock. "You look much younger than the last Federation pictures I'd seen."

"Yes, this was the way I looked at fifty-five," said Spock. "The age I was at the first time I died."

"You sacrificed yourself for your friends," Jadzia said. "I remember."

"Yes, that time."

"And Captain Kirk rescued you?"

Quieter. "Yes."

"Is he here?"

"I arrived when you did. I have seen no one else."

Jadzia looked down and up across Spock's body again. "Strange that you got stuck back at fifty-five again. Who would have known Heaven would have a software bug."

"Not one I particularly mind," said Spock.

"Spock... You've been here before. Do you know how it works?" Jadzia looked earnestly into his eyes. "I want to see Worf."

Spock's memories flew back a century into the resigned nightmare of his first death. "My katra was still chained to life," he said. "The afterlife for Vulcans is complicated by our actual physiological posession of what humans call a 'soul'."

"So in other words you have no idea." Jadzia said in a voice full of utter despair. "This was all so sudden! I wasn't prepared at all. This isn't real."

"It is real," said Spock calmly.

Jadzia reached out a graceful arm and touched his shoulder, starting with surprise when her fingers contacted warm, pliant flesh. "This feels like we're still alive..." She shook her head and her eyes were wet with tears. But she didn't cry them. Instead she asked him, "Did you feel that?"

Spock remained silent for a moment, quantifying the sensations her brief touch had inflamed. "The physical sensations of touch seem to be quite-- amplified in this plane of existence."

"Amplified and... transformed." Jadzia's brow furrowed, as she used her other hand to touch her own neckline. "It doesn't happen when I touch myself." Concentrating on this new phenomenon was better than collapsing back into her wings in tears, and scientifically examining anything, even pleasure, was a distraction that made her feel, well, alive again. She still wanted to see Worf, more than anything, but in order to function emotionally, she needed to seize this moment.

Spock offered her his hand. "May I...?" Jadzia nodded. His hand floated up over to hers and followed parallel the line hers had traced on her soft skin. Her eyes rolled back in her head at the force of the feeling. "It seems to require the touch of another."

"How... interesting..." Jadzia gasped. He continued caressing her neck. She squeezed the place she was already touching on his shoulder, and his breath turned to gasps.

"What if the touch is extended?" Spock's deep voice purred.

"Let's find out." Jadzia's hand slipped over its perch on his shoulder and traced a tingling line down his chest. He drew his hand up from her neck to cup the side of her face.

Jadzia remembered the impression that seeing Spock in person for the first time had made on her years ago, when she and Sisko had been on their accidental mission on the original Starship Enterprise. It was rather titillating to get so turned on so suddenly in public like that! Benjamin had thought she was looking at Kirk at first, but it was the Vulcan who had caused the heady rush of desire.

Now it seemed as if the desire was swirling around them both. Jadzia glanced down at Spock's angelic erection. It was glowing.

For some reason, that made sense too.

Spock followed her gaze down and collected it there with his own. "If you are wondering, no, Vulcan anatomy doesn't usually illuminate in moments of arousal," he quipped.

Jadzia grinned a little, paused, and asked, "May I?"

Spock nodded.

Jadzia's hands finished their journey down Spock's chest and across his abdomen. He twitched in anticipation as her fingers flirted with his groin. Finally she wrapped one hand around the shaft that was both flesh and light, and pumped it a few times.

Spock explored the curve along the side of her body with a hungry hand. "One does not tease a Vulcan," he murmured seductively.

"I don't intend to," Jadzia whispered in reply.

Placing a hand on each side of his waist, Jadzia moved her body so that his penis was aimed directly between her legs. She groaned as she took him inside completely, smoothly, wetly, and with all the strange sensation of being immortal and literally floating in paradise.

They thrust against each other, tumbling head-over-heels again and again in their weightless world. Her breasts brushed against the hair on his chest with each approach, tantalizing her nipples. Sensing this, and also naturally attracted by her breasts, he began to work at them with his fingers. Like all the other sensations of this realm, the caress was magnified and Jadzia moaned louder and louder.

They slammed together faster and faster and finally exploded together in a strange, total-body orgasm that they could even feel in their fingernails, and the tips of their hair...

As the spasms died away gradually, Spock could hear a soft laugh coming from behind them. He opened his eyes and turned his head.


The Kirk-angel, golden wings resplendent, floated to his side. "Spock.... welcome home!"

"Jim... my t'hy'la.... Excuse me, Jadzia."

Jadzia helped untangle herself from Spock, and he flew into Kirk's arms. "A friend of yours?" Kirk asked, amused.

"A murdered Starfleet officer," said Spock. "Her name is Jadzia."

"Captain Kirk!" Jadzia beamed. Somehow, in this new reality that was heaven, the fact that she had just had mind-blowing zero-G sex with his husband didn't seem to produce any negative feelings in either her mind, or anyone else's. Interesting. "It's an honor to meet you."

"Thank you, Jadzia. I'm sorry for what happened to you, but I'm sure you did your duty with honor." Kirk turned to look at the Vulcan he was holding. "What about you, Spock? The Romulans finally carry out that hundred-year-old death sentence they put on you back in... '68?"

"Stardate 5027.3, Captain. Ironically, yes, but not intentionally. A native disease, which most Romulans only suffer as a small childhood annoyance, has replaced me to your side."

"For which I am most grateful," said Kirk. "But I am sorry."

"I am sorry you were alone for so long."

"Captain Kirk?" Jadzia broke in. "I've left my husband behind on the space station... I'd like to see him. Do you know how to do that?"

Kirk nodded and flashed her a smile. "Close your eyes and pretend you're diving off a cliff into an endless sea. When you open your eyes, you'll be floating over him!"

"Thank you... thank you so much... both of you." Jadzia looked into their faces, and then dove away.

Spock turned to Kirk. "There is much in this place that I wish to explore further," said the Vulcan.


"For example, during my sexual encounter with Jadzia, we were able to thrust against each other in an environment totally devoid of gravity."

"I think whatever it is that's surrounding us helps us amuse ourselves by... assisting us in such matters," Kirk said playfully.

"Have you discovered more about this place?"

"Plenty, Mr. Spock," said Kirk seductively.

"In that case, it is a good thing they call it 'eternity'."


Note: I'm sorry I didn't tackle the issue of how she was handling losing the symbiont, but I just don't feel like I understand trills enough to do that right now. :-)

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