Gossip: A Star Trek Voyager drabble by Farfalla
Rating: PG
Characters: T/7, Tu&N
Summary: What did Neelix see?
Written for Round XIV of the Femme Fuh-Q Fest


"Come on. I know you're curious." Neelix poked Tuvok's side.

"Past experience shows that evading you is useless," Tuvok replied, squirming.

"I saw Seven and B'Elanna, acting like Talaxian swamphounds in heat! B'Elanna had her up against the wall." His eyes flashed.

"You must be mistaken," said Tuvok. "Borg do not engage in sexual relationships."

"That's not true!" Neelix waggled his finger. "In fact, she's had prior experience, from what she told me last week. She was pretty popular with the other lesbian Borg."

"Why is that?" Not that Tuvok really wanted the answer.

"Because Seven ate Nine of Ten."

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Did you know that this is the only Voyager thing I have ever written?
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