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Stories with Sulu

by Farfalla

I think Sulu is pretty damn nifty, and that they should have made 'Excelsior' into a TV series. He's fun to watch as a captain in Star Trek VI, and there would have been more Su/R plotbunnies!

With Janice Rand

Shining Strands
TOS, R, Sulu/Rand. Sulu waxes poetic about the woman he loves as she prepares to leave the Enterprise to return to Earth for officer training.

Miracle Cure
TOS, G, Sulu/Rand drabble. Rand has some good news.

Middle Management
TOS, G, Sulu/Rand drabble. One does not welcome a bride home to a messy cabin.

The Warm Wet Center of the Universe
TOS, R, Sulu/Rand double drabble. A brief erotic interlude laced with nerdy double-entendres.

Good Times
TOS, R, Sulu/Rand naughty limerick.

Once Upon Amok Time
TOS-AU, PG-13, Sulu/Rand, Kirk/Spock, Rand/T'Pring, and others (and mention of McCoy/Chapel.) In a far-away kingdom, forces conspire to rid the beautiful young Crown Princess Janice of her happiness. (From the FFF round 14)

Other (including slash)

Sake and Vodka
TOS, PG-13 and angst, Sulu/Chekov. Secret crushes and drunken Christmas parties can only lead to one thing...

A Spoonful of Sugar
TOS, G, Sulu/Chekov, Kirk/Spock implied. Laughter is the appetizer to the unknown as Sulu and Chekov prepare for their big adventure helping Kirk go to Genesis to rescue Spock.

Flirting With Danger
TOS-MU, PG, Sulu/Chekov limerick. In the Mirror Universe, Sulu has some scars...

Flower Power
TOS, NC-17, humor, Uhura/Chekov and Kirk/Spock. While the crew is on shore leave at an alien version of Mardi Gras, Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu are amused by their commanding officers' romance.... until their own antics accidentally threaten to ruin the entire evening for all!

Sulu's Poem
TOS, G-rated poetry from Sulu's point of view. Contains Kirk/Spock references. Sulu making some random observations about the crew...

Smells Like Tuna
TAS, G, M'Ress/Tamura (f/f). Sulu's young friend Yeoman Tamura has a mishap while on a landing party. Will it ruin her date that night?

Spooging on Captain Kirk: Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
TOS, R, drabble, Kirk/Sulu. **ridiculous parody**, part of a series.

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