A Jedi Never Stops Training

Q/O by Farfalla

For the first year, they merely communed. Qui-Gon's thoughts appeared in Obi-Wan's mind, and that was the extent of the miracle. Obi-Wan knew he was present, and it was the exiled Jedi general's greatest comfort in the first year of his desert life. To be exiled with the soul of another is not true exile.

In the second year, their combined strength of will forced Qui-Gon's words into audible being. Obi-Wan's eyes closed for a full minute in grateful awe and he just listened... listened. He spoke aloud to the voice, and felt joy at the way their voices blended together so well. Their conversation melted into the wind and the sand, and brought beauty to the barren dunes.

In the third and fourth years, they worked on the visual. Sometimes, Qui-Gon's outline would appear, but it took an enormous amount of Force concentration that usually resulted in his disappearing in all but essence for as much as half a day afterwards. However, they were Jedi and used to years of hard training--and deprivation. Both understood that if they did not try, if they did not sacrifice their communal time of Today, there would be a less perfect Tomorrow.

Qui-Gon's image appeared in full, glowing in blue from head to toe, on the first day of the fifth year. Obi-Wan sat down and looked upon him for a long time. They were both too moved to speak, which allowed Qui-Gon to stay longer.

Eventually, with the work of more years, Qui-Gon perfected the ability to appear as a simultaneously visual and audible entity. In this time, Obi-Wan had fallen in love with the one who shared his solitude. It was only natural--his type of soul is a soul that loves, and the two that he loved were the farmer's boy that he watched over like a secret father, and the dear friend and constant companion.

They were Jedi, students of the world. They did not want to stop learning. Training was a way of life. Keep the reflexes sharp.

They wanted to learn--to touch.

After many months, Qui-Gon achieved the ability. He reached out and caressed Obi-Wan's temple with the side of one finger. The exertion left him unable to commune for a week. Dust gathered around Obi-Wan's heart in the meantime. But then, the wind whipped the dust around and sculpted it into determination.

Within two years, Qui-Gon had mastered the art of being tactile. It greatly limited his ability to maintain communion, however, and each night together represented a sacrifice of many days.

Then, one night at the same moment, they both realized that they did not need speech or vision in these times of intimacy.

Qui-Gon disappeared, but yet he remained. He grew silent, yet he remained. The warmth of his angelic form wrapped itself around Obi-Wan's mortal body and held him close. They could not see each other or hear each other, but they communed with the wordless language of touch.

And somewhere in the midst of this quiet, dark, holy moment, Obi-Wan realized they had achieved taste as well...