I would like to thank Gumnut for the beta-work.
Summary: Naughty Uhura makes good use of a stream jet in a hot tub

Jetstream Daydream

by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
blueberrysnail @ yahoo . com
Uhura/m, Kirk/Spock/McCoy, Sulu/Rand implied
and very, very NC-17 :-P

Written for Birgit the Acidqueen, as part of the UhuraFest.

"Ahh, this is definitely one of the best things about the refit," said Nyota Uhura in a voice honey-coated with pleasure as she sank into the Enterprise gym's new hot tub.

"Definitely a great stress-reliever," agreed Janice Rand. "Oh, and it feels so good not to have to worry about all my hair getting wet!"

"I tell you, Janice, when I first saw you after you got your officer's training I almost didn't recognize you without that weave."

"Time for a change," said Janice, stepping into the tub across from her friend. Nyota eyed her body with a critical eye as it disappeared beneath the foamy water. Janice's figure was holding up well after her pregnancy. She'd gone back to her original weight within months of Demora's birth, and she was as toned as ever. Nyota almost envied how well she flowed through her silver one-piece, but then again, her own breasts were larger and she didn't have the beginning of crow's feet at her eyes like Janice did.

Nyota leaned her head back against the hot-tub rim and listened with half an ear as Janice started her gossip-complain spiel about the engineering team. She didn't have to look far for a source of distraction. By chance, one of the powerful jets sending the water into heated swirls was aimed directly at Nyota's clitoris. Glad for the opacity of the bubbles, she opened her legs slightly to allow the hard pulse of water complete access to her most sensitive spot.

"And if Scotty would have only told us, we wouldn't have used tritium," Janice was saying with exasperation. "I mean, can you believe it?"

"No, I can't," Nyota answered, completely uninterested. Instead, her mind flitted from fantasy to fantasy, testing each to see which aroused her the most at the moment. The tall, silent African stranger with no shirt was mildly interesting but not enough; Spock had gotten boring lately.

Her thoughts went from him to Admiral Kirk. Now there was someone who had definitely been more attractive during their original mission. Sure, he was still charming, and a wonderful person, but he'd gotten... less buff, somehow, and no longer shaved his chest, and as for his face--what in the world was with that hairdo?

As the jet of water gently but insistently kneaded her clitoris, she relaxed into the water completely and let her wilder fantasies emerge. Not just Kirk, not just Spock, but Kirk, Spock, AND Dr. McCoy (without the beard! Heaven knows, no beards, please...) sitting around in the wildly improbable setting of the back room at an Irish pub in which Nyota used to sing when she was in the Academy.

She'd always thought the room was very cozy and appealing, with its dim lights, velvety-soft green horseshoe couch, and the scent of incense to cover the tobacco from the bar. Therefore, in her id's view, it was the perfect setting for an imaginary circle-jerk involving the three highest-ranked officers on the ship.

"And if he tells me that one more time, I swear, Nyota, I just don't know what I'll do," Janice asserted in a huff.

Nyota nodded sympathetically, and shifted into the water. In her daydream, the three men had come into the back room after drinking all night at the bar, as friends did. Kirk collapsed into the middle of the couch, his smile as wide as Saturn's rings, and pulled his two friends down on either side of him with each hand.

They relaxed against him, Spock more stiffly of course, being a Vulcan. Kirk, of course, was the first to have his penis out, and was already working it with one hand as he reached over with the other to undo McCoy's fly. Spock, expressionless even in Nyota's fantasies this time, followed suit. Since she had no idea what a Vulcan penis looked like, she just mentally produced a green version of the brown or pink Human organs she'd encountered throughout her sex life.

She marinated for a pleasant moment in the mere eroticism of the image--three beautiful men (well, she'd cheated--the Kirk in her mind was three years younger) with nice firm erections rising from their open flies. Her hips ground ever so slightly into the water stream. Janice didn't notice.

Talk, talk, talk.

In the fantasy, Kirk was now holding both of the other men's organs and was pumping them energetically. His own shaft was being sucked by McCoy, and it disappeared into the doctor's mouth much farther than Nyota could actually take a man herself. Her own version of fellatio involved a lot of licking...

Spock closed his eyes and wrapped his hand around Kirk's inner thigh as the captain stroked his dick. Kirk's other hand fumbled around with McCoy's pants until not only his penis but now his balls were sticking out through his fly. He rolled them and massaged them and then leaned over to suck on just the head of McCoy's erection.

Nyota moved the men around in her mind in impossible ways until they ended up in a big triangle of homoeroticism, Kirk jacking McCoy, McCoy jacking Spock, and Spock's long fingers jacking Kirk. They kissed each other in random combinations to suit the increasingly powerful twitches of her clitoris, and she timed their orgasm to stimulate hers.

"Ahh...." she moaned softly as she came, embracing the water jet with her legs. Other than that, she gave no indication that anything was amiss.

Janice looked at her with big eyes. "What? What are you smiling about?"

"Mmm," said Uhura in a sleepy voice, completely satisfied. "Just thinking about how well-equipped the Enterprise crew is...."