Stories with Janice Rand

by Farfalla

With Hikaru Sulu

Shining Strands
TOS, R, Sulu/Rand. Sulu waxes poetic about the woman he loves as she prepares to leave the Enterprise to return to Earth for officer training.

Miracle Cure
TOS, G, Sulu/Rand drabble. Rand has some good news.

Middle Management
TOS, G, Sulu/Rand drabble. One does not welcome a bride home to a messy cabin.

The Warm Wet Center of the Universe
TOS, R, Sulu/Rand double drabble. A brief erotic interlude laced with nerdy double-entendres.

Good Times
TOS, R, Sulu/Rand naughty limerick.

Once Upon Amok Time
TOS-AU, PG-13, Sulu/Rand, Kirk/Spock, Rand/T'Pring, and others (and mention of McCoy/Chapel.) In a far-away kingdom, forces conspire to rid the beautiful young Crown Princess Janice of her happiness. (From the FFF round 14)

With Christine Chapel

Bedtime Stories
TOS, PG-13, Chapel/Rand drabble. Long distance relationshipping in the 23rd century.

Fuel Enough for Eight
TOS, NC-17, Chapel/Rand. Silly Chanukah femmeslash--how many orgasms can a lesbian couple have in one night?

TOS, PG-13, Chapel/Rand drabble. Janice uses Christine as a typewriter. (From the FFF round 13)


Simply Soft
TOS, R, Rand/Barrows. A knitting lesson turns into fluffy, femslashily femmy action.

Boxing Day
TOS, NC--17, Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Uhura/Chapel/Rand. Due to an overdose of holiday cheer, Spock invents some amusing fantasies about Santa and his female elves.

Up Close
TOS, PG-13, Kirk/Spock/Rand drabble. What is it like to fall asleep snuggled up to your commanding officers?

Underwater Basketweaving
TNG/TOS, R. Troi/Rand, Riker/Troi implied. Troi visits the holodeck to get her hair done and her rocks off.

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