Stories with Kira

by Farfalla

DS9, NC-17, Kira/Jadzia Dax, Kirk/Spock and McCoy/Emony Dax implied. Major Kira and Jadzia go skinny-dipping in the holosuite.

DS9, G, Kira/Odo. Lonely one night after Odo leaves at the end of the show, Colonel Kira receives an unexpected present.

Deep Space Nine-Year-Olds
DS9-AU, PG, Kira/Odo, Jadzia Dax, O'Brien, Bashir. The DS9 characters interact as youngsters in an after-school program.

DS9, PG, Kira/Odo drabble, humor. Why is she lucky?

My Nerys
DS9, R, Kira/Odo PWP-vignette. Lovemaking is a little different in the Kira household.

ART: topless Kira photomanipulation (R)

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