Summary: Q plays a weird trick on Worf and Deanna Troi.
Warning: This story makes reference to P/Q.

Thank you to Babs and Mina for the beta.

The Chocolate Klingon

A Worf/Troi story by Farfalla; rated NC-17
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Deanna Troi had just returned to her cabin for the night, and had scarcely been alone a few moments when a familiar, oily voice called out, "Good evening, Counselor."

Deanna whirled around. "Q, what are you doing in my quarters?"

"I *was* supposed to be having a date with your captain," said the entity, strolling towards her, "but the silly man was taking too long to get ready. I turned him into a frog to teach him a lesson."

"You--you've turned Captain Picard into a frog?" said Deanna, in shock.

"Only for a half an hour," said Q dismissively. "Don't you worry about your precious captain; he'll be back to his usual simian shape before long."

"That still doesn't explain why you've barged in here." Deanna knew it was useless to call security on Q, and the fact that Q's thoughts were impossible to scan was making her increasingly uneasy.

"A half an hour is a long time, my little Betazoid. I got bored."

"Don't you have planets somewhere you can bother?" she sighed.

"You're closer. And besides, I thought that after a busy day, you might welcome a diversion." A light flashed, and suddenly, right there in front of Deanna, appeared a life-size, nude statue of Lt. Commander Worf--with a full erection. The statue appeared to be made entirely out of chocolate.

Deanna was, all at once, embarrassed, aroused, irritated, and hungry. "Q!" she exclaimed, unable to take her eyes off the confectionary Klingon.

"Oh, by the way," Q added casually, "that used to be Worf. Don't you like him better this way?"

"Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Deanna whipped her head back and forth from the chocolate man to the supernatural being.

"I thought you liked chocolate. My, my, aren't we ungrateful," Q clucked.

"Turn him back!" she demanded, her bosom heaving with worry.

"Oh, I think it's much more interesting if that's your responsibility," said Q.

"Me?" exclaimed Deanna. "How can *I* do anything? You're the only one around here with magical powers."

"I still think you're a fool for not preferring him this way," Q said saucily, "but if you insist--you can change him back into a flesh and blood Klingon by performing oral sex on him. Once he ejaculates, he'll be back as he was."

Deanna looked the chocolate man up and down. It was Worf, all right, poised in his most regal battle stance. A chocolate crossbow was slung across his naked pecs.

Something shining from his chocolate erection caught her eye. She looked closer. "Is that... precum?"

"Sweetened condensed milk," Q corrected her. "Have fun!" And then Q was gone, as suddenly as if Deanna had been alone the whole time.

She looked into Worf's eyes, but could read no emotions from her imprisoned lover. Suppressing her own anxiety about his safety, she got down on her knees and caressed the solid chocolate cock with three fingers.

Now that Q was gone, the circumstance was, despite her best intentions, turning her on. She did love chocolate, and she also loved giving head. She wrapped her lips around the sweet staff and sucked it in as deeply as she could.

It was strange to deep-throat something so unfamiliarly impliable, but she adjusted to the situation quickly and had to admit that the taste of the chocolate was excellent. She knew she had to perform well, because the sooner he climaxed, the sooner the real Worf would safely return.

She gripped his thighs between her fingers tightly. She knew he liked that. If he'd been flesh and blood here, he'd have growled at her touch.

Deanna licked and sucked him thoroughly, and the minutes ticked away. The chocolate cock was as hard as ever, but she felt no signs that any orgasm was imminent. This was taking much too long, at least, much longer than Worf usually needed. Something was wrong.

Then, she remembered hearing that it was easier for Klingons to climax during lovemaking if blood was drawn, and she got an idea. She hoped it would work--her mouth was getting tired.

Abandoning his penis temporarily with her mouth, she moved her head around his thigh and bit a small nibble from his muscle. The chocolate melted away in her mouth, and she kept nibbling as she jacked him off. That still wasn't getting her anywhere, so she plunged the organ into her mouth again.

It did the trick. Spurts of sweet, creamy white fluid squirted from the organ, and Deanna swallowed the liquid eagerly. She wasn't surprised that it tasted so good, since she had just fellated a dessert. Then the throbs began to subside, and she could feel Worf turning back into a real Klingon.

As she rose to take him into her arms, she heard Q's voice somewhere in an echo, faraway, remarking, "Apparently, he melts in your mouth, not in your hand."