Stories with Leonard "Bones" McCoy

by Farfalla

Lunch Break
TOS, NC-17, McCoy/Barrows (his little girlfriend from 'Shore Leave'). PWP involving sex in Sickbay during the lunch hour.

TOS, PG-13, McCoy/Barrows, Riley/Barrows implied, Chapel. An ex-boyfriend of Tonia's gets drunk and says abusive things to her about her relationship with McCoy, which she defends.

Another Piece of Action
TOS, PG-13, (Kirk/Spock)&McCoy. Somewhat post-trilogy (i.e. just after the birth of the Enterprise-A), McCoy is having disturbing visions of pinstripes...

Blue-eyed Satyrs
TOS, NC-17, McCoy/Saavik. Saavik keeps getting bouts of pon farr in the middle of class... how inconvenient!

TOS, PG, Kirk/McCoy. "For three hundred years, the McCoy family's been bringin' their sweethearts up to this place to, uh, watch the sunset together." He paused to chuckle softly. "Least, that's what we always told our mamas."

TOS, G, McCoy/Chapel (Kirk/Spock and unrequited Spock/Chapel implied.) Christine feels inadequate after Spock's rejection in Amok Time, but McCoy reminds her what a special person she really is. Warning: watch for curveballs.

Gondola of Dreams
TOS, PG, McCoy/Barrows. The doctor and the beautiful yeoman enjoy their time on the Shore Leave Planet together.

The Best Sound in the Universe
TOS, NC-17, McCoy/Barrows PWP. McCoy loves to hear Tonia's moans of pleasure.

The Dilemma of the Disappearing Dessert
TOS, G, Kirk/Spock, McCoy. While visiting McCoy's daughter's vacation home in Colorado, Spock's gift for Kirk turns up missing.

Passing Notes in Starfleet High
TOS-AU, G, Kirk/Spock, Uhura, McCoy. As if they were teenagers, giggling about first love.

Limerick--NonKhanSensual (McCoy/Khan--from the KhanFest)

TOS, PG, Kirk/Spock and Kirk/McCoy. Hosting Spock's katra messes with McCoy's mind.

TOS, R, McCoy/Chapel and McCoy/Barrows limerick. Two many women, too little time...

Sign on the Broken Line
TOS, R, Kirk/McCoy drabble, angst. What's it like to have an obsessive crush on your straight friend?

And Thy Breasts, Its Clusters
TOS, R, McCoy/f, Kirk/Spock drabble. McCoy isn't exactly enjoying having a Spock in his head. The title is a quote from the Song of Songs, 7:7.

The Nose Knows
TOS, R, McCoy/f, others drabble. Who smells like pussy?

The Tour
TOS, PG, Kirk/McCoy drabble. Kirk takes McCoy home to Iowa with him on leave.

Georgia Blue Moon
TOS, R, McCoy/Sarek. PWP in the form of a sonnet.

For the Love of Peace and Quiet
TOS, G, Kirk/Spock, McCoy/Chapel UST implied. After "Journey to Babel", Kirk and Spock drive everyone nuts by having long conversations across Sickbay while recuperating from their various adventures.

Spooging on Captain Kirk: Dr. Leonard H. McCoy
TOS, NC-17 drabble, Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Spock, maybe even Spock/McCoy implied. **ridiculous parody**, part of a series.

Spock/McCoy stories by Amphioxous Obnoxious

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