Lizard photographs for your enjoyment :-)

  • Little iguanas in Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Miami FL
  • Little iguana
  • Blue-tailed skink in a pumpkin patch at the NC Arboretum
  • Blue-tailed skink under US-441 near Tallulah Gorge, GA
  • Blue-tailed skink in San Felasco Hammock, north FL
  • Lizard in Tallulah Gorge, GA
  • Another Gorge lizard. Electricity from the dam at Tallulah Gorge powers the city of Atlanta.
  • My boyfriend had a lizard once... for like five minutes. ;-)
  • One of the albino anoles that lives just outside my mom's front door

    Lizards belonging to a friend who is a science teacher

  • This is Hector. He and the other lizard, along with the lady, live in central Florida.
  • Hector is a bearded dragon.
  • Hector again
  • Hector's friend Susie

    I hope you have enjoyed my lizard photographs! Hopefully there will be constant additions to this site. Someday, I hope to have a Uromastyx. They look like bearded dragons, except that they eat veggies and salad stuff. I am not the world's biggest fan of mealworms, and I like the idea of making salad for my pets :-) For now, I have a psycho cannibal Japanese fire-bellied newt, G'Kar. Newts aren't lizards because they swim and start out as tadpoles.

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