Title: Love Bugs
Author: Farfalla
Email: blueberrysnail @ yahoo.com
Website: cosmicduckling.com
Rating: PG, double drabble
Pairings: Arex/f, Uhura/Chekov, K/S implied (Yes, I'm trying for the most pairings in the shortest words. Ha :-P)
Written for the "Arex needs sex!" challenge on ASCEM, and also because the freckin' love bugs down here are driving me nutsoid ;-)
Summary: What kinds of mating practices does Starfleet allow on the bridge?


Jim entered the bridge. Uhura was at her station, and Spock relinquished the captain's chair. Chekov was happily unwrapping a present left on his chair by a "secret admirer", shooting glances at the nonchalant comm officer. Jim sat down, and noticed something amiss.

Arex, his insectoid pilot, was diligently working at his station. His wife was sitting back-to-back with him, facing Kirk, and cloth covered their abdomens. She was knitting six-sleeved baby pajamas.

"Arex, what's the meaning of this?" Kirk asked. Mrs. Arex handed him a sealed note from Dr. McCoy:
"Please excuse Lt. Arex's behavior today. His species mates once a year, and during that day the couple remains joined together during normal work activities. That's natural for their culture and biology. And Jim, don't get any ideas, not that that walking computer'd stand for it."
Arex busily typed into his console, taking comfort in the presence of his loving, fertile wife. Nearby, Chekov squinted to read the love notes on the heart-shaped candies from his surprise package. "I'm Sveet on You," he read out loud, then snuck another peek at Uhura. She batted her eyelashes. Arex watched them with mild amusement.

Alien mating practices could be so ~exotic!~