Title: Manipulation
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail at yahoo dot com
Website: http://cosmicduckling.com
Beta: Saavant
Pairing: MU Sa/Saa, MU K/S implied
Rating: NC-17, D/s
WARNING: Underage sex, possibly. Squicky age difference, too.
Disclaimer: Star Trek belongs to people with more money but less PIE than me. No profit but my smiles and your feedback.
Summary: It's never a good idea to make assumptions. Written for the Sarek Fun Fest.

This story has a sequel: Prizes and Incentives

A Mirror Universe PWP

"I have heard news from the Enterprise," said Governor Sarek to his son, "that you brought back a child from your latest mission. Is this true?"

"Yes, Father," said Spock. "Her name is Saavik. She was wandering the streets, and I sensed potential within her mind."

"I am sure she is attractive, if you have chosen her, and healthy as well. You have always showed good judgement when selecting your female consorts." Sarek poured himself a glass of wine.

"I was referring to her intellectual potential," said Spock, declining an offer of wine with his hand.

"Intellectual potential?" Sarek smirked at his son. "How can one find intellect in a street urchin? She knows nothing but the dust."

"She can be educated."

"What is the point?" Sarek waved his hand in the air dismissively. "It would only be a waste of resources. She is a halfling from the gutter, Spock. Is that what you choose to encourage?"

"She has no one else."

"I'm not telling you to abandon her," said Sarek. "She would fit in quite nicely in your bedroom. It would certainly be more seemly for you than being your captain's catamite."

"I am not Captain Kirk's catamite," said Spock icily.

"Do you dare deny your relationship to me, Spock?"

"I deny nothing, Father. I take him frequently. I only wished to make it clear who was--"

"Never mind that," Sarek grimaced and took a swig of wine. "I have no desire to discuss the specifics. The fact that my son shares his bed with a man is sickening enough without being brought into active conversation."

"There is no logical reason that I should prefer a woman," said Spock calmly. "I am a hybrid and cannot reproduce."

Unable to counter, Sarek reloaded his argument. "I do not think it wise to couple with an individual more powerful than yourself. He may dispose of you at any moment. The means are well within his reach."

"But not the ability," said Spock. "He is mine." He did not elaborate.

Sarek eyed his son craftily. "If, as you say," he said after some time, "he is yours and not the reverse, then you are free to take another partner on the side. For my sake, please consider it."

"Your sake?"

"I constantly face the need to explain your relationship to your captain to other officials. Because of your rank, it is naturally assumed that you take to your knees. This is what I have to deal with."

"I see."

"Where is Saavik?"

"In the hall."

"You have brought her here?" Sarek raised an eyebrow.

"I wished to show her the planet from which half her blood springs."

"Bring her to me." It was a command.

Spock did not argue. "Father." He nodded, and left the room.

He returned a few minutes later leading a young girl by the hand. Sarek looked her over carefully. She was tiny--perhaps ninety or ninety-five pounds. She was probably fourteen or fifteen, with breasts the size of ripe plums, and skinny legs ending in feet that pigeon-toed. Her hair was long, thick, and wavy, and her eyebrows had a definite Romulan downslant at the tips. Her eyes were huge and brown, like an animal's.

"Father, I present Saavik," said Spock. "Saavik, this is my father Governor Sarek."

Saavik looked at Sarek's face, then down his body slowly, then back up to his face. Sarek felt the blood pounding in his lower body at her wide-eyed visual caress. He suddenly knew how he wanted to spend the next hour.

"Spock, leave us."

Spock lifted an eyebrow. "When do you wish me to return?"

"In one hour. I thank you." Sarek dismissed his son with a wave, and then sat down on his divan. He was glad that Spock had shut the door behind him. It might make the girl uncomfortable if servants were to wander in.

Saavik was still standing in the middle of the room, examining it studiously and wordlessly. Sarek motioned to her majestically. "Come, attend me, Saavik."

She padded silently to his side and sat down next to him on the cushions as he considered the best course of action. He wished to begin her training to be Spock's sexual release--one that could possibly become tantalizing and satisfying enough to wean him away from his unsuitable partnership.

It was better that she be willing in such an event. She would not serve his interests if she fought the contact. "Saavik, have you ever seen a man's erection before?"

Saavik licked her lips nervously. "Do you want me to do something to you?" Her voice was tiny and childlike and approximated Vulcan poise only laughably.

"I will instruct you for your task," said Sarek, and pulled aside his robe to reveal his towering green-tinged erection. "Give me your hand."

She let him envelop her small, long-fingered, awkward hand and lead it to his penis. Her touch was warm and slightly damp from the understandable sweat of anxiety, and he guided her fingers so that they surrounded his shaft.

For a few moments he masturbated himself with her hand pressed tightly between his and his member, as she watched him with curious eyes. "You may lean back against me so that you do not overtire," he said to her, pulling her body closer with his other arm. "Your grip must be tight, and your strokes must be in a steady rhythm."

Saavik squeezed on him a little harder, underneath his large hand, then looked at him expectantly. "Yes, that's good," Sarek encouraged, breathing heavily. Her touch was light and clumsy, but her shy, uncertain demeanor helped fuel his arousal. "Be certain that you touch the entire organ. Do not neglect the head; it is very... sensitive..." She had immediately moved her fingers to cup the head, and was now rolling the sensitive skin around under her short fingers. Sarek groaned in pleasure. "But touch it... sparingly, for too much attention will cause oversensitivity."

"Does this bring you pleasure?" Saavik asked, painting his length with her palm.

"You learn quickly, Saavik," Sarek reassured her, leaning his head back against the pillows in total enjoyment of this decadent luxury. "This technique will serve Spock well. I will teach you more, if time permits."

"What else do you wish?" Saavik inquired.

"Your mouth is too small to adequately accomodate me in your first attempt at oral pleasure," Sarek mused, half to himself. "You shall require practice."


"You must start by only taking the head into your mouth, and also by using your tongue against my skin," Sarek explained. With his hand, he guided her head towards his groin. His erection strained towards her lips.

Saavik pushed a lock of messy hair out of her way as she bent down and lapped at the firm curving head of Sarek's penis. He shifted his body and eased the tip into her mouth, penetrating only a couple of centimeters. The warmth of her mouth was enjoyable at first, but the intense contact soon grew irritating and he withdrew. She looked up at him expectantly, her hand still gripping his shaft.

"Apply your tongue to my testicles and use your hand to complete the task," Sarek commanded gently. Saavik dove back into his thighs and licked his balls dutifully. The tender, silky skin gave easily under her moist caress, and his testes rolled within their sacs. His hips started to thrust into her hand, helping her reach every inch of his burning.

She reacted instinctively to the increased stiffening of his erection, and jerked harder to bring about his orgasm. Before he came, he pulled her up so that her face hovered near his penis. His semen spurted out in a jet of gelatinous white, and landed across her cheeks. He wished for her to understand her place.

Satisfied at the blossoming of her skill, Sarek rewarded her with a drink of water. She would make a fine consort for his son. And through her charms, he might finally be able to rid his family of the troublesome scandal that was James T. Kirk.

Spock picked her up later that day and brought her back to the ISS Enterprise. When he returned, he spoke with his lover and told him of the events of the day. They were both relieved at Sarek's reaction to Saavik. With her at Spock's side, hopefully Sarek would get off their backs, so they could concentrate on getting onto each others'. Whether Spock actually fucked her or not was immaterial, so long as his father had hope that he would.

Saavik curled up in her bed in the back of Spock's cabin on the ship and relaxed with a sense of satisfaction. Through her cunning, and her youthful appearance, she had landed herself food, shelter, and an education, not to mention two of the most powerful Vulcans in the galaxy competing for the privelege of using her as their main pawn in a familial power-struggle. She had seen the look on Sarek's face the moment he laid eyes upon her, and she had played his fascination with young girls for all it was worth--reluctance, cluelessness, and all. Of course, no one would ever find out that she was really nineteen, and not only had done all these things and much more since years past, but that she had found her own pleasure within Sarek's blind grasp...

Saavik was able to get three self-created orgasms out of her adventures that day, before she finally fell asleep.

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