Title: My Nerys
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail (at) yahoo dot com
Website: http://cosmicduckling.com
Series: DS9
Pairing: O/K
Rating: R, PWP vignette
Thank you to C. Zdroj for her help with little bitlets.
Summary: Lovemaking is a little different in the Kira household.
Warning: This is Romance!Novel!Reading!Odo's voice... so please pardon the... the, um....


My Nerys leans over me, peering down over her beautiful nose with eyes wide in wonder and love. She has unfastened the clasps of her pants and is now able to ease one hand inside them, cupping herself thoroughly. Through her uniform, I can smell the sweet wetness with my newly crafted olfactory senses.

She moans a little as she shifts her weight against her hand. Her fingers are working busily, murmuring beneath the cloth. The other hand, she raises to me and teases me for a moment with its nearness.

Then she arches one finger and with it, she enters me slowly, satisfyingly. I sigh inwardly and ripple against the tender probing touch. She withdraws the finger and then approaches again, this time with two. My being clasps at her flesh. I can tell that her other hand is performing similar ministrations at her own floral region.

The part of me she is touching grows more sexually sensitive in response, and pulses around her digits in a soft, yearning suck. Her eyes flutter for a moment as we feel each other's reactions to the moment. She opens her jacket and shirt, baring to me breasts with tinglingly hard nipples. So proud and beautiful! Her fingers pump in and out of me in a maddeningly steady rhythm, and her penetration carries me on glorious waves.

Our passions increase and mine pours over fully. I shudder around her hand in the beginnings of climax. She is aware, and leans back against the bed.

She hurriedly rips down her pants. Lifting my old bucket, a remnant from a time of loneliness now obsolete, she pours me out completely onto her straining sex. I fill its intricate folds and crevices, swarming to be close to every bit of her. I throb on and around and inside of her, and she rides the pounding of my orgasm into her own climax.

I shift into my humanoid form just in time to claim her gasping lips in a haphazard kiss. Her arms enfold around my body, and I am close to my Nerys.

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