Preliminary Observations

a bit of Spock/Uhura by Farfalla
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Beta-read by Hypatia;
A different twist on the "dealing with the Plato's Stepchildren kiss" gimmick

Uhura and Spock stepped into the empty mess hall together after giving their reports and submitting to Sickbay examinations that evening. They were both headed for a repose well earned, for this was the day the Platonians had wielded their telekinetic powers to torture them for their own sadistic voyeurism. Everyone was safe now, but the violation remained a constant theme in the thoughts of the five that had been involved.

Even the usually orderly mind of Spock was no exception. He had organized his own thoughts quickly after departing from the planet, but was now preoccupied with concern for his crewmates. He noticed that Uhura seemed to want to speak to him--she had carried her tray of food over to the table at which he sat--but that her words were not forthcoming. He therefore sought to draw her out, and cause her relief. "Miss Uhura?"

"Yes, Mr. Spock?"

"You seem as if you are contemplating asking me a question."

She sighed. "I was. I just didn't know if it would be upsetting to you to bring it all up again."

"Upset is a human emotion," he reminded her, "and therefore, one that I am incapable of feeling. But I do appreciate your concern. You may ask me anything you like about our encounter this afternoon, and I will endeavor to assist you."

"Spock, why did they make you kiss Christine instead of me? It seemed almost like they were going to give me to you at first--you remember, when they teased you and the captain and called you fickle." She looked up at him with her dark, beautiful eyes.

"Because," said Spock, "kissing you would not have been torture, and that, I believe, was their sole purpose."

She blinked her eyes three times as she absorbed his words. "Why, Mr. Spock! I believe that's the nicest compliment you have ever paid me!"

Spock looked surprised, and a little bit pleased with himself. "It is the truth," he was quick to add. "I do not mean any offense to Nurse Chapel, but she is an over-emotional woman and reminds me slightly of my human mother. You, on the other hand, are a resourceful, independent, and artistic woman whose mind I find extremely compatible with mine. Therefore, such activities such as 'kissing' would be deemed... logical."

"Logical, Mr. Spock?" She had turned up her Flirt-o-Meter at this unexpected boon. "What about 'pleasurable'?"

"Pleasure," he considered. "That, too, is an emotion, but it is based on the logical combination of physical and mental stimulation. Yes, indeed, it would be pleasurable."

"Care to test your hypothesis?" Uhura put down her sandwich and scooted her chair closer to him.

"You would like me to kiss you in the mess hall?"

Uhura nodded.

"Would not the garden be a more appropriate location?"

"But what if your hypothesis is wrong?" she wheedled. "Then, you'd have come all the way down to the garden for nothing. You should know, as a good a scientist as you are, 'bout the value of recording preliminary observations."

He didn't need any more convincing. After all, he *was* half human.

Ten seconds of kiss later, he pulled away from her and looked her in the eye. With a raised eyebrow, he stated, "Indeed! Pleasurable."

"Garden's only a turbolift ride away," she replied with a grin. As they finished their supper, she added with a whisper, "By the way, you kiss better than the captain."

"Who do you think I learned from?"


author's note: Sorry, sorry! *hides behind Hypatia, who made me undelete that last line in the eleventh hour* ;-)

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