She was a great cat. She first came into our lives as an four-month-old kitten, fresh from the pound where my babysitter had found her. She was affectionate but independant, a wonderful combination. Not long after we first adopted her, we were offered a purebred Siamese kitten named Janet. The minute Janet set foot in our house, Petina defended her newly-acquired territory with all the assertiveness her little kitten heart could muster! She knew that this was her family. We returned the Siamese. Not long afterwards, Mom and I moved, and while we took the train, Petina got to ride in an airplane and get picked up by my grandparents.

For years, when I was falling asleep at night, she'd come and lie on my tummy, and I'd pet her before drifting off to dreamland. Sometimes I could hear her crunching on her catfood after she left me in the middle of the night. She loved to sit on the upright piano, and we had to keep a thin blanket over it to protect the instrument.

Her favorite toy was a piece of green yarn threaded with brightly-colored buttons. When I used to play with her with it, we said that she was watching "the Worm Channel". When I was in high school, I'd wake up before dawn to get my homework done before class. Petina would always come over and rub her face on the end of my pencil, keeping me company in the dark apartment.

She died on my kitchen floor of pancreatic cancer, after about a year of problems. I was there with her at the end, in the middle of the night, petting her and reassuring her constantly. After the last sob and she was gone, I could still hear purring, even though it wasn't coming from the body. She had a long, happy life and I hope we were the kind of owners that such a wonderful cat deserved.


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