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Note: my PG Kirk/Spock stories can be read under my section on the stories page of the All-Ages Kirk/Spock Archive or on my own Kirk/Spock site. The only ones I've listed here are the ones that feature other characters strongly as well. There are also some femslash and het things here.

A Discussion of Botany
TOS, G, Saavik/T'Amaya (f/f), Uhura/Chekov and Kirk/Spock implied. Saavik brings a her new friend T'Amaya to a Human Christmas party on Vulcan, and their relationship blossoms as they discuss the customs they observe there. Part one of the Lessons in Infinite Diversity trilogy.

A Friendship Rare and Well Done
TOS, PG, Kirk?Spock, Uhura/Chekov, McCoy, M'Ress. Even the captain catches a cold from time to time, but at least he has a friend like Spock to cheer him up.

A Relatively Important Question
TOS, G, Saavik/David Marcus, Kirk/Spock implied. Before David begins a relationship with Saavik, he has something to ask her.

A Rude Birthday Drabble
TOS, G, Kirk/f, Spock/f, McCoy/f, Kirk&Spock, Chapel drabble/parody. Mary Sue gives birth.

A Spoonful of Sugar
TOS, G, Sulu/Chekov, Kirk/Spock implied. Laughter is the appetizer to the unknown as Sulu and Chekov prepare for their big adventure helping Kirk go to Genesis to rescue Spock.

Another Piece of Action
TOS, PG-13, (Kirk/Spock)&McCoy. Somewhat post-trilogy (i.e. just after the birth of the Enterprise-A), McCoy is having disturbing visions of pinstripes...

Bedtime Stories
TOS, PG-13, Chapel/Rand drabble. Long distance relationshipping in the 23rd century.

TOS, PG, Kirk/McCoy. "For three hundred years, the McCoy family's been bringin' their sweethearts up to this place to, uh, watch the sunset together." He paused to chuckle softly. "Least, that's what we always told our mamas."

Catching a Wild Goose
TOS/TNG, G, Kirk/Spock and Riker/Troi. Set after Star Trek: Nemesis. In a universe in which K/S never happened, Spock comes on board the Titan and fools around on the holodeck.

Data in the Soap
TNG, G, Data/LaForge, Picard/Data implied. Data comes back from the Romulan trip in "Unification" with a startling little piece of news.

Deep Space Nine-Year-Olds
DS9-AU, PG, Kira/Odo, Jadzia Dax, O'Brien, Bashir. The DS9 characters interact as youngsters in an after-school program.

Empty Nights
TOS, PG, Spock/f (multiple), Spock/?, drabble, angst. The priestesses at Gol try to help Spock deal with his pon farr.

Erin Qapla'!
TNG, PG, Worf/Troi drabble. Worf likes St. Patrick's Day.

TOS, PG-13, Saavik/T'Amaya (f/f), Kirk/Spock implied. Two young Vulcan lesbians explore the strange Human intimate activity of 'kissing'. Part two of the Lessons in Infinite Diversity trilogy.

Flirting With Danger
TOS-MU, PG, Sulu/Chekov limerick. In the Mirror Universe, Sulu has some scars...

For the Love of Peace and Quiet
TOS, G, Kirk/Spock, McCoy/Chapel UST implied. After "Journey to Babel", Kirk and Spock drive everyone nuts by having long conversations across Sickbay while recuperating from their various adventures.

Gondola of Dreams
TOS, PG, McCoy/Barrows. The doctor and the beautiful yeoman enjoy their time on the Shore Leave Planet together.

VOY, PG, Torres/Seven, Tuvok&Neelix drabble. What did Neelix see in the hallway?

How to Grow Wings and Fly
TOS/TNG, G, Kirk/Spock and Data/Yar. In the Afterlife, Kirk and Spock use a combination of faith and logic to cheer somebody up. Contains major spoilers for Star Trek: Nemesis

In a Pinch
TOS, Kirk/Spock, Chapel, McCoy, Uhura, crew, PG. On St. Patrick's Day, Spock has a Big Sekrit Evol Plan to get some nookie from his captain, but there are complications.

Just Another Romance
TOS, PG-13, pairings hidden. April Fools' Day prank in which a new ensign joins Kirk's bridge crew, and on her first day they come across a damaged Romulan shuttlecraft. Pairings hidden for prank purposes ;-)

TOS, PG, Uhura/Chekov, Sulu. Chekov thinks he's really smooth with the ladies when he's drunk, but we know better.

Love Bugs
TAS, PG double drabble, Arex/f, Uhura/Chekov, Kirk/Spock. Exactly what kinds of mating practices does Starfleet allow on the bridge?

DS9, PG, Kira/Odo drabble, humor. Why is she lucky?

Middle Management
TOS, G, Sulu/Rand drabble. One does not welcome a bride home to a messy cabin.

Miracle Cure
TOS, G, Sulu/Rand drabble. Rand has some good news.

M'Ress's Pet
TAS, G, Chapel/M'Ress. First dates are awkward enough without one of the partners being a ~very~ different species.

My Cup Runneth Over
TOS, G, Kirk/Spock, Uhura, Scotty, McCoy, crew. Kirk wants to surprise Spock on their anniversary with a bit of bubbly.

On to the Next Thing
TOS, PG, Uhura/Chekov. Uhura gets promoted to captain after Star Trek VI.

Once Upon Amok Time
TOS-AU, PG-13, Sulu/Rand, Kirk/Spock, Rand/T'Pring, and others (and mention of McCoy/Chapel.) In a far-away kingdom, forces conspire to rid the beautiful young Crown Princess Janice of her happiness. (From the FFF round 14)

Passing Notes in Starfleet High
TOS-AU, G, Kirk/Spock, Uhura, McCoy. As if they were teenagers, giggling about first love.

TOS, G, Spock&Saavik, poem. Is halfbreed, orphaned Saavik good enough to attend the Academy?

Preliminary Observations
TOS, G, Spock/Uhura. A different twist on the "dealing with the Plato's Stepchildren kiss" gimmick.

TOS, G, Spock/Valeris, poem. Valeris explains her behavior in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country.

TNG/TOS parody/humor, G, Troi&LaForge, Saavik, Kirk/Spock implied. LaForge asks Deanna Troi some questions about the famous Captain Saavik.

Sake and Vodka
TOS, PG-13 and angst, Sulu/Chekov. Secret crushes and drunken Christmas parties can only lead to one thing...

TOS, PG-13, McCoy/Barrows, Riley/Barrows implied, Chapel. An ex-boyfriend of Tonia's gets drunk and says abusive things to her about her relationship with McCoy, which she defends.

TOS, PG, Kirk/Spock and Kirk/McCoy. Hosting Spock's katra messes with McCoy's mind.

Shatner on the Set
Fictional!!! Parody of what it might have been like to film the infamous "elevator scene" from "And the Children Shall Lead". Rated L for Ludicrous :-P

Sleeping Around
TOS, PG-13, Kirk/Spock, Chekov, McCoy. Is Spock sleeping with the Captain, or not?

Smart Mouth
TOS, PG-13, Kirk/Spock, Kirk&McCoy. Will Spock be able to love Captain Kirk despite his bad breath?

Smells Like Tuna
TAS, G, M'Ress/Tamura (f/f). Yeoman Tamura has a mishap while on a landing party. Will it ruin her date that night?

TOS, G, Saavik/David Marcus. While stranded in the snow on Genesis, David has a brief fantasy about having a normal family life with Saavik.

TOS, PG-13, Chapel/Rand drabble. Janice uses Christine as a typewriter. (from the FFF round 13)

The Bald Truth
TNG/TOS, PG-13, Picard/Crusher, Kirk/Spock drabble. Beverly loves Jean-Luc, even without hair.

The Copper Mouse
TOS, PG, Droxine/Vanna from "The Cloud Minders". When the mask is removed from a waxwork teenage romance, will a young princess find love or condemnation within its reality?

The Dilemma of the Disappearing Dessert
TOS, G, Kirk/Spock, McCoy. While visiting McCoy's daughter's vacation home in Colorado, Spock's gift for Kirk turns up missing.

The Doorway
TOS, PG-13, Kirk/Spock/Chapel. At an Enterprise holiday party, Christine gets wedged into a stuck doorway with Kirk and Spock--directly under the mistletoe.

The Gamin Drabbles
TOS, G/PG, Spock/Chapel, Kirk&Spock, Spock/f (Gamin Davis herself.) Five drabbles that tell a story about three characters interacting in amusing ways with a certain well-known Trek fan.

The Seven Letter Solution
TNG, G, Data&Troi, Data/m and Data/LaForge implied. Data visits Counselor Troi for some advice on his love-life.

The Tour
TOS, PG, Kirk/McCoy drabble. Kirk takes McCoy home to Iowa with him on leave.

TOS, G, McCoy/Chapel (Kirk/Spock and unrequited Spock/Chapel implied.) Christine feels inadequate after Spock's rejection in Amok Time, but McCoy reminds her what a special person she really is. Warning: watch for curveballs.

USS Enterprise Chat Room
TOS, PG, Kirk/Spock, Chekov/f. Tune in to a conversation among our favorite bridge crew as they waste *almost* as much time as we do on Instant Messenger! PG-13/humor... I think. Followed by a brief Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets chat parody.

Up Close
TOS, PG-13, Kirk/Spock/Rand drabble. What is it like to fall asleep snuggled up to your commanding officers?

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