Dr. McCoy and Yeoman Tonia Barrows

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Fan art

A pencil sketch of McCoy and Barrows by Farfalla

Tonia Barrows nude in BDSM gear by Acidqueen

Who is Yeoman Barrows?

Tonia Barrows is a Yeoman who appears in the Original Series Star Trek episode "Shore Leave", the one with the planet that turned out to be like a giant psychic holodeck. She and McCoy spend most of the episode flirting with each other and trying to escape from what they think are deadly perils, but are really just local tricks. Kirk/Spock fans may recognize her from the famous backrub scene at the beginning of the episode. Don't worry, Spock--she's not interested! She prefers eyes that are a gorgeous blue, with a uniform to match ;-)

Why 'play'?

During the episode, the planet creates scenarios to match what the characters are thinking. Barrows is wandering around admiring the beauty, and it occurs to her that "all a girl needs is Don Juan." No sooner does she think this, than he appears and rips her sleeve. This can be taken two ways--one, that she has rough-play fantasies, or two, that she likes being the "damsel in distress" and wants to play at being rescued. She certainly gets rescued a lot in this episode, most dramatically by her dashing doctor suitor (he attacks a knight in armor and "dies", but is put back together by the aliens running the planet).

She and McCoy are so cute together in this episode. At one point, some Faire garb appears magically in a tree. As she changes into it behind a bush, she calls to him, "No peeking!"

"When I peek, it's in the line of duty," he retorts. But he peeks anyway ;-)

Dr. McCoy and Yeoman Barrows were played by DeForrest Kelley and Emily Banks. Click here for pictures of Emily Banks in her other television roles.

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