Title: Prizes and Incentives
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail (at) yahoo dot com
Website: http://cosmicduckling.com
Series: Star Trek Original Series-Mirror Universe
Pairing: MU S/Sa/Saa, K/S implied
Rating: NC-17
Beta: Saavant & Hypatia, the usual suspects :P
Summary: To convince his father that his embarassing relationship with Captain Kirk has been discontinued, Spock must present Saavik as his concubine.
Note: This is a sequel to Manipulation

~Prizes and Incentives~
A Mirror Universe PWP

A stunning red sunset spilled across the clear Vulcan sky. It cast a bronze-colored gleam over the hovercar that was delivering Imperial Commander Spock and his young concubine to the house of his father, Governor Sarek. The man driving the cab snuck glances at her as often as safety would permit; she was a very beautiful but somehow at the same time mannish female, slightly alien about the eyebrows--and so young! He supposed it was one of the perks one could choose from as right-hand man to a captain in the Imperial Fleet. For a moment, he briefly wondered what the captain's mistress herself must look like--if he had not demanded that Commander Spock hand over his prize, his own must be even more desirable.

Saavik sat in silence beside the Commander, her eyes cast down respectfully at her hands in her lap. Spock did not speak to her; instead, he gazed out the window at the ancient city. In a few minutes he would greet his father, one of the most powerful men on the planet. Disagreement with that power had driven him from his homeworld, but his own position now strengthened his confidence enough to return on occasion. And bringing Saavik along made it easier, smoothed the deal--Sarek had taken quite a liking to her on their first meeting, right after Spock had first retrieved her from the streets.

That liking had obviously burned itself into Sarek's memory, for he had asked about the young girl frequently in his subspace communications with the Enterprise. For the sake of the honor he was obviously very glad Spock had earned, he was careful not to sound too personally interested in another sexual encounter with the female, but his eyes betrayed his eagerness. Spock was a half-Vulcan, raised on Vulcan, and he knew how to see through even the most stoic of Vulcan masks.

Sarek wanted her. With an almost human obsession.

The hovercar stopped in front of the Governor's Mansion and the door slid open. Spock paid the driver and then helped Saavik out of her perch and onto the sand. Together they walked down the white marble path to Sarek's door.

"Are you ready, Saavikam?"

Saavik, wise in her training, waited until they were obscured by oasis foliage to tilt her head and look him square in the face. "Ready, and longing." A small lock of her brown hair whipped around in the desert wind like a flagellum, and she wiped it nervously behind her ear.

"I promised I that would bring you here when you had acquired satisfactory comprehension of organic molecules and reactions," Spock reminded her proudly.

"And have I, Commander?" Saavik asked, beaming already with the confidence her studying had earned.

"What is ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate?" As if he had the ability to turn back now, with Sarek expecting them. Not that it mattered; the testing computer had scored her with a perfect for a reason.

"It is a five-carbon sugar used as the renewable foundation on which atmospheric carbon is fixed in photosynthesis," Saavik promptly responded. "There are phosphate atoms attached to the carbons in the one and five positions."

Spock nodded. "It is good that your studies did not delay us any further. My father would have grown impatient, and I would not have been able to explain our bargain to him," he said with dry humor.

"Does he still believe me to be fifteen years old?" Saavik was twenty, but her baby face and waiflike body made her look years younger. The desires she had aroused in Sarek were slightly pedophilic.


"And that I am your bedservant."

"Yes. Do not forget this." For a moment a deep look pierced Spock's eyes. He was thinking of Kirk, Saavik knew--the man whose security was protected thanks to that little misconception.

Sarek was powerful, and power depended to some measure on respect. Respect declined if a man's son was spoken of as a catamite, and since Captain Kirk outranked Spock, it seemed natural to put that name upon Sarek's son. Rather than protest with the truth--Spock's dominance in the relationship--and chance not being believed, Sarek preferred that Spock spare him the situation entirely by ceasing relations with Kirk. He was quite adamant about this, a state of mind exacerbated by his extreme distaste for Spock's actions, and Spock knew he could be dangerous. He was quite capable of striking from afar and ending Kirk's life, if he felt the human was interfering with his own status in Vulcan politics. Kirk was safer if Spock was "with" Saavik, who in reality was his pupil--and not as naive as she looked.

As they entered the grand house, they slipped back into their public personas--Spock, the calm, no-nonsense first mate of a starship, and Saavik his dainty posession. It was a good thing none of the servants were Betazoid, or they would have seen her thinking about ionic charges.

The servants ushered them through the ornate hallways to Sarek's private lounge. Saavik remembered the last time she'd been here, and a throbbing anticipation quickly grew between her legs. Sarek thought he was teaching a shy child how to give a hand-job; he had fueled her masturbatory fantasies for the past countless months. This was the fact Spock had taken advantage of to teasingly encourage her studies, although he knew she would do well even without the extra incentive.

Spock and Saavik were shown into Sarek's room. The Governor awaited them on his sofa, sipping from a tall, narrow goblet. "Spock," he said serenely, nodding.


"I see you have brought me young Saavik." He was trying to act casual, but his excitement could almost be smelled. Saavik could tell, and she was thoroughly wet.

"Yes, as you requested," Spock said in an almost-businesslike tone.

Sarek lifted his hand. "Leave us," he indicated to the servants. When they were alone, he turned his attention fully to the young girl. "Saavik, Spock was instructed to bring you here for your first experience with sexual intercourse so that I might properly initiate you as his bedmate." He turned his face to his son. "Have you informed her of this?"

Spock nodded.

"And has she been prepared?" Sarek asked.

Spock nodded again. "Yes, with certain... implements." He neglected, of course, to mention that the preparing had all been done by Saavik herself with her own dildo, and that he had never even been present for these events. Indeed, the young woman most knew as his concubine had never seen his shaft...

"Saavik, approach me." Sarek beckoned with a nod. Chemist buried under actress and nymphet, Saavik bowed her head and shyly padded forward.

Sarek reached for her and placed one hand gently on each of her slender hips. She resisted the impulse to buck into his hands, but she did stare unashamedly at the tent in his robe. It twitched and defined itself as he ran his hands over her slender frame. He was clearly enjoying the sensation of a small body beneath his grasp. Intellectually, she was disgusted, but she was more concerned with her own pleasures than abstract virtue at the moment. Besides, she figured that it was only logical for her to exploit his sick fascination for her own benefit.

Sarek stood, and directed Saavik to lie across the sofa. She situated herself against the cushions, her long dark hair spreading out behind her head in soft, inviting waves. With big shining eyes she looked up at Sarek, glancing across the room at Spock for a moment. Sarek didn't notice because he was too transfixed with her, but Spock winked at her before quickly turning around to avoid the scene.

He was nose-deep into an map that was hanging on the wall before Sarek noticed his inattentiveness. "Spock, attend," Sarek called sharply.

Spock his his reluctance and joined his father at the sofa. He had hoped to avoid the scene ahead, which apparently would prove to be far more awkward than anticipated. But his eyes showed nothing. "Yes, Father?"

"You are to participate in her education, Spock," Sarek told him. "Did you not tell me upon our last meeting that you wished to educate her?" He meant it as a disapproving, ironic barb, not realizing that the irony had doubled back on him like a boomerang.

"You had told me that you wished to deflower Saavik yourself." A human Spock would have been stammering. Luckily, he was half-Vulcan.

Sarek nodded reassuringly. "And I will do as I have said. However, it is to you that she belongs. It is only right that you be involved in this event."

Spock glanced at Saavik quickly. Her expression didn't change, and she continued arranging her robes around her legs calmly. He read her apparent passivity as apathetic approval, in that secret language of those who trust each other in a dangerous world.

Well, if intimate relations with his protege were what it was going to take to keep his father's henchmen away from his James... at least Spock and Saavik understood each other, so it would not be an entirely alienating experience.

Sarek pushed aside Saavik's robe as if he were unwrapping the gold foil from his favorite variety of gourmet chocolate. Her lithe little body rose and fell in breath as she waited for his assault. Spock hovered behind his father, concentrating on her face.

Sarek cast aside his own robe, revealing his erection to Saavik. "Touch me," he commanded. She complied, enveloping him in both her palms and rubbing slowly.

His organ leapt firmly under her touch. Each time her hands reached the tip, she rubbed her thumbs over its blunt edge, pushing around the pliable skin. A small bead of clear, gelatinous Vulcan semen oozed forth, and she spread it around as she continued the hand job.

Sarek stepped around so that he was beside her, and she changed the angle of her grasp to maintain contact. "Spock," he commanded. "Prepare her for my entrance."

Without a word, Spock circled the sofa and reached her legs. He nudged them open gently, one hand on each spindly knee, and knelt between them. He was hit full-force with the strong scent of her fruity musk, and two probing fingers verified that she was, indeed, soaked with the juices of her arousal. She would probably have been fine without his help in lubrication, but it would diminish his father's pleasure as a controlling individual if he were to know how badly she wanted this. And it didn't matter, because she would enjoy his ministrations.

He moved his face to her reaching pussy and licked it gently. He knew he was supposed to be softening her labia and leaving saliva to lubricate and prepare for Sarek's entrance, but he snuck several surreptitious licks to her clitoris. She twitched and wriggled in appreciation, and tugged harder on Sarek's member.

"She is ready now," Sarek decided, monitoring her reaction.

Spock stood and moved away, letting his father take his place. Sarek positioned his erection against Saavik's vagina, and ran his hands over her soft little body in eager anticipation. It was all she could do not to shove herself against him and impale herself, but Spock would be angry with her if she seemed too eager. It could easily get him in trouble. And so she waited.

She did not have to wait long. With a grunt of pride, Sarek slid into her all at once. She yelped in pain, but smiled when he had completed his thrust. Somewhere behind her desire, she was distantly aware of Spock holding her hand soothingly.

Sarek stood at the center of her supine body and pumped into her over and over, jerking his hips rhythmically. He gasped loudly a few times before pausing, sheathed.


Spock's eyes did not move from the floor, but he answered, "Yes?"

"Let her fellate you. You will be the next to take her depths."

Spock took a deep breath. Saavik's fingers started haphazardly scrabbling at his fly, but she was too distracted by the sound fucking Sarek was giving her to be of much use there. He finished unbuttoning and took out his penis, willing it erect at the thought of his real lover's muscled thighs.

Saavik watched it grow before her big, understanding eyes, and reached for it as he approached her face. She grabbed it awkwardly as her body was thrown around a little with each shove from the Governor, and licked its tip a few times before she could actually maneuver it into her mouth. She sucked the head inside, and washed all around it with her tongue. Spock instinctively bucked between her lips slighty, his eyes closed and his thoughts somewhere else.

Sarek, too, had closed his eyes, to avoid the arousal-deflating distraction of seeing his son being serviced. He had replaced his visual devouring of Saavik's slim body with ravishing her with his hands--rubbing twin paths of sweaty hunger from her tiny breasts to her narrow hips. She writhed gleefully under all the attention, pussy straining to be hit in all the right places. A pity Sarek wasn't incredibly concerned about those, she observed with childish superiority.

A moan escaped her lips, and her youthful voice propelled Sarek towards his climax. With the grace of practice, he extricated himself from between her legs and moved to straddle her chest. Grasping his penis with one hand and moving one of her hands to his testicles with the other, he ejaculated across her left breast. She fondled his balls as the semen issued forth and coated her nipple.

The Governor moved away from her, gasping and clutching his spent member. "She is yours for the taking," he alerted his son, who in his closed-eyed reverie had been mentally far away from this place and scenario.

Spock shifted slightly and let his penis slip out of Saavik's mouth. Their eyes met as he climbed on top of her.

With great care for her comfort, and deliberation due to his own unfamiliarity with the female sex, he slid his erection between her wet labia. She pushed against him and groaned a little with restrained pleasure, not really understanding whether or not she was supposed to be having fun, in Sarek's eyes.

Spock's fingers drifted to the side of her face. Sarek's sharp eyes caught the movement, fixated as he was on Saavik's face as she "took it" from another man. "You meld with her?"

"I wish to benefit from the sensations I am causing her," Spock improvised. He understood his father perfectly. The Governor hadn't asked him to fuck Saavik in front of him only to ensure his son's steadfast heterosexuality; he also derived a perverse pleasure from seeing what he still thought was a little girl have sex--with anybody. He therefore wouldn't question Spock's supposed desire to enjoy a similar voyeurism--of the reactions of her mind instead of her body.

Spock's mind entered Saavik's, and she cuddled up against him like an animal. //Did you enjoy your experience with my father?// he asked, half amused and half concerned.

//To some extent,// she answered. He pumped in and out of her a few times as they conversed within themselves. //I am sorry that I am not Captain Kirk,// she suddenly thought, compelled by the severe passion she saw lurking in his memories.

//I am not,// Spock reassured her gently. //Captain Kirk is my first and most important passion, and he will always mean the most to me, but I have only one Saavik--and I am glad to have her. She makes me proud.//

//I am honored.// She started shifting around into his thrusts. //Spock--//

//What is it?//

//Would you mind aiming *here just so*?// And she showed him in her mind.

//Ahh, I see.// He changed his technique, and grasped her body in his free arm. //Do not hold back, Saavik. He will enjoy the thought of me 'debauching' you--as if that were possible.//


Then she began to grunt like a wild thing. With every push from his hips she moaned louder, and since they were melded, she felt an echo of his escalating arousal. Together, they throbbed towards a shared orgasm.

He pushed her over the edge first, transmitting into her mind a dizzyingly erotic image of himself and his James, coitally fused. Her pussy contracted and her legs kicked in the air, and he quickly slipped out and came all over her chest, adding to the wetness already shining there from his father. His other hand left her face and he used it to cup her vulva, coaxing out as many undulations as she would give.

He ignored his father, who was halfway across the room climaxing again, this time hidden within the folds of his robe.

Saavik lay on the couch for a few moments and rested, feeling very satisfied. After some time, Sarek had his servants fill the stone basin near the fireplace with hot water, and he and Spock watched her clean herself as they spoke between them.

"Your prize is progressing nicely," Sarek said to his son. "I hope she has given you considerable incentive to cease your embarassing behavior?"

Spock sucked one lip slightly into his mouth. The believability of this afternoon would likely determine whether James's life was to be at risk from Sarek's forces. "She is quite sufficient," he said diplomatically. "She does all that I desire her to do." Well, that was at least true...

Sarek nodded, blindly pleased with the answer, and gazed at Saavik, nude before the firelight. She lifted her eyelids to meet his gaze, thinking to herself how little he really knew of prizes and incentives.

Ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate, indeed.

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