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Farfalla, the author, is a Ravenclaw, but she can often be seen sneaking down to the dungeons late at night... ;-)

NEW! Screencaptures of Snape from the Chamber of Secrets Dueling Scene

Stories: Amusing, Funny, Dark, or Sensual... take your pick

The Naughty Snape Limerick
NC-17, twisted, very silly. Snape/Lily, sort of.

Snape/f, NC-17. PWP. Setting: Alaska.

3 AM Chamber of Secrets Parody
PG and VERY silly :-p

Snape in the Dark
R. Snape alone with his memories.

Draco's Paranoid Infatuation
PG-13, humor (I hope!). Draco likes Snape.

Strike the Match
R, and not a Snape story. Ginny is desperate for Harry's affections and asks Tom for help.

Secrets Bubbling
A Snape Poem.

Chat Room Parody
The first very large chunk of this is original series Star Trek parody. But then there's a clearly marked break , after which a short but (i hope!) cute Hogwarts' Chat Room conversation. The Trek part is PG-13/humor, the HP part is tame but still funny.

What we did to the 34th St. Wall on the night of the CoS premiere :-P

Snape and Cho Chang hooking up
This is a very explicit, very silly, NC-17 photofake. Just a joke.

Disclaimer: This world is the property of J. K. "The Goddess" Rowling and will not suffer much from the poking and prodding of our collective imaginations. I mean these characters no harm and think that quite possibly they enjoy the variety. ;-)

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