I would like to thank Hypatia and JB for their beta work on this fic.


by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Riker/Troi; NC-17 (PWP)
blueberrysnail @ yahoo.com

"Hello, Will."

"Deanna!" Will looked up from his shining brand new desk in his shining brand new ready room, cheerful and flustered. "I wasn't expecting you for another half an hour."

"My last patient canceled," Deanna explained. "He said he was too tired. I told him to come back in the morning and get some rest."

"Well, I'm free to go--I'm not on duty, I'm just sitting here working on paperwork," said Will. "But our dinner reservations in the Olympian Room aren't until twenty-one-thirty."

"Maybe we can find something else to do," Deanna said in a quietly mischievous voice. She bent down and lifted up the hem of her simple black dinner dress.

"I could go for that!" Will said happily to the surprising sight of his wife's lower body--completely free of underwear. He shuffled around the papers on his desk, sorting them for tomorrow, as she made her way 'round to his side. His hands gripped her waist gently but firmly as she lowered her body onto his lap, burying her nose in his hair.

"Mmmm...." she murmured happily. "The cologne my mother gave you smells nice."

"We're going to have to disagree on that," Will grumbled as he began nibbling her soft, white neck. "I'm only wearing it 'til it runs out."

"Then I guess I'm lucky the bottle's so big," Deanna retorted sultrily, reaching her hand down to squeeze something else that was big, for emphasis.

"Ooh," Will groaned, shifting in his seat.

Deanna began to undo his fly. "So, Captain Troi, ready to christen your new ready room?"

Will chuckled at the sound of Deanna's family name. "I'm still getting used to hearing that," he said, shaking his head slightly.

"Now you know how Terran women feel," Deanna pointed out. She ran her fingers down the length of the prize she'd just uncovered.

"I know," said Will, "but they grow up knowing about the possibility. They've had time to get used to the idea."

"I thought starship captains were supposed to be ready for the unexpected," Deanna teased. She straddled his lap and teased the tip of his penis between her thighs.

"You're only here because you've always wanted to do a starship captain," Will teased back as she enveloped his straining arousal into her tight wetness.

She let out a deep grunt in reply, and clutched his shoulders. Her dress bunched up around her waist as she rode him, running her hands all about the smooth, crisp material of his uniform. "And you just like me because I'm so demure and virginal," she retorted.

Will choked out a laugh amidst his sounds of pleasure. "Yeah, that's it," he agreed wickedly. "Did you bring underwear for later, or are you planning on showing up like that in the Olympian Room?"

"Relax, Will, my dress is long enough. Nobody will know."

"I like that. Olympian Room," he commented, going off on a verbal tangent. He gripped her ass and kneaded one cheek. "And they call our holodeck the 'Elysian Fields'. They really tried to keep a Classical theme on this ship, didn't they. Goes with the name--Titan. A race of giants."

"When I first read the name I thought it was supposed to be Titian, like the painter," Deanna admitted with a sheepish grin.

"Starfleet wouldn't name a ship after a painter."

"What about the da Vinci?"

"That's different. He was a scientist also."

"Yes, but their shuttlecraft is called the Mona Lisa."

"You know, you look a little like her when you smile."

"Some people say that's supposed to be da Vinci himself, smirking at the audience."

"Where did you hear that?" Will lifted his eyebrows.

"I read it in a.... journal.... oooh! Will...." Deanna closed her eyes and began to ride him harder. "That's it...."

"Ohhhh, yeah." Then the silly conversation stopped, because they began to kiss--full-mouthed, sloppy coital kisses, attacking each other's mouths. The chair rocked back and forth with seismic urgency as their bodies moved in conjugal frenzy. When they came, the chair nearly tipped over, but they scrambled against the wall and steadied it, both laughing a little self-consciously.

Deanna climbed off her husband's lap and straightened out her dress. "What do you think? Am I respectable enough for dinner in the Olympian Room?" Her face was flushed and glowing, but other than that nobody would have been able to tell she'd just had a quickie.

"Absolutely," Will answered as he closed his fly. He stood up and took her hand to lead her from the room. "You look ravishing, Aphrodite!"