A Relatively Important Question

A Saavik/David ficlet by Farfalla - blueberrysnail (at) yahoo.com
Rated: G. Beta-read by Saavant.
Before David begins a relationship with Saavik, he has something to ask her.
Warning: this story makes reference to K/S
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Dr. David Marcus was unpacking his bags into his new quarters on the Science Vessel Grissom when he heard a chime at his door. "Come."

The door opened and Lt. Saavik leaned her head inside, her long brown hair swinging. "I wanted to give you my greetings, and to inform you that my cabin is four doors down," she said.

"Thanks!" David tossed the shirt he had just folded back onto the bed and came to the doorway. "How do you like the ship?"

"It is an excellent science vessel," said Saavik. "My cabin is comfortable. I did not mean to disturb your unpacking," she added, eyeing the bed full of clothing. "I can come back later, if you prefer."

"No!" David said quickly, and gave her a warm smile he didn't even know he'd inherited from his father. "No, it's about time I took a break anyway. I wanted to talk to you anyway."

"I see," said Saavik. "Then it is fortunate I stopped by."

"Yeah! Yeah..." David looked around the room for a moment, then motioned her inside. "Come in!"

Saavik entered the cabin and enabled the door to slide shut. "I am looking forward to studying your experimental planet." The lights sparkled from her dark eyes.

"So am I," David agreed. "All that work finally come to fruition." He paused. "I'm--just... I'm sorry it happened the way it did."

Saavik blinked her long lashes. "I hope my work here will make him proud," she said softly.

David moved forward to take her hand, and she winced at the unexpected touch. As she grew accustomed to it, though, she took his hand in return. "I know you'll be everything he wanted you to be," David reassured her.

"Thank you," she said, looking deep into his eyes.

"Uh--Saavik... I wanted to ask you something, but I have to--I need to ask you something else first." David made a face at the clumsiness of his own words.

"Saavik--I really hope this isn't going to offend you..."

She eyed him suspiciously, then seemed to remember--"Offense is a human emotion."

David grinned. "Right. Well... I just wanted to know... I NEED to know... are you Spock's daughter--with... my dad?"

"No," said Saavik plainly.

David let out a huge sigh of relief. "Whew. Well, thanks for that."

"I am not Spock's biological daughter at all," Saavik continued, "and I have no human blood."

"That's no surprise. I mean--! I didn't mean that in a bad way."

"How could it possibly have been taken in a bad way?" she countered.

"Right." David ran a hand backwards over his hair. "I just wanted to know, because, well, you and Spock seemed pretty close, and I know about he and my dad being... uh... friends... in that kind of way..."

"Bondmates," Saavik said helpfully.

"Yeah," said David. "And these days, with medical technology being what it is, I know that they can mix the DNA of two men and... It seems like a silly thing to be worried about, but I just wanted to make sure!"

"Make sure?" Saavik looked at him quizzically.

"Make sure you weren't my half sister," said David, "before I asked you to have dinner with me tonight."

"Ah," said Saavik sagely. Something inside her Romulan blood, and possibly her Vulcan blood as well, stirred deliciously. "In... that kind of way?"

David just grinned back at her.

"I accept."

"Wonderful! Then I'll see you around... 2100 hours?"


As she left, David wanted to hug the entire starship. This mission with the Grissom was going to be the best voyage ever!

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