A Discussion of Botany
G-rated. Saavik brings a her new friend T'Amaya to a Human Christmas party on Vulcan, and their relationship blossoms as they discuss the customs they observe there.

Steamy PG-13. Saavik and T'Amaya explore the strange Human intimate activity of 'kissing'.

Practicum in Tandem
NC-17, novella-length. The road to Saavik and T'Amaya's bonding ceremony is fraught with perils only Star Trek can truly provide.

The character of T'Amaya is an original invention of Farfalla Caqui, based on the Vulcan culture as described in Star Trek (which belongs to Paramount). For information on T'Amaya, click here, but be aware that her bio contains spoilers for the stories.

Note: These stories are centered around two young women involved romantically. If this bothers you, you can return back to my main page. And also, be advised that in this series (as in most of my writing), Kirk and Spock are referred to as a married couple, but there isn't any actual K/S action in the text.

This series was illustrated by Mina, Lovin' James T., Karracaz, and Farfalla

Winner of a Silver Labia, FFF round XII
for "Practicum in Tandem"

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Saavik, Vulcans, and the rest of the Star Trek universe are the property of Paramount and they will not suffer much from the poking and prodding of our curious collective imaginations. We mean our beloved characters no harm and think that quite possibly they enjoy the variety ;-) T'Amaya is an original creation of Farfalla Caqui. The fiction and art on this page depict certain characters as gay (slash) or lesbian (femmeslash) and the main focus of the stories is on the romance between two intelligent young women. Most of the photomanipulations and drawings were created by other people for the trilogy, and are the property of their artists.

2003 Farfalla Caqui "Lessons in Infinite Diversity", Saavik/T'Amaya f/f