T'Amaya is nineteen years old in the beginning of the series. She is a physics student at the Vucan Science Academy. She is quite skilled with computers, especially hardware, and works the late shift in the VSA computer lab. She inherited her interest in computers from her mother, T'Pring, who was once bonded to Spock, but broke it off when she fell in love with Stonn, T'Amaya's father.

T'Pring and Stonn are conservative parents and raised T'Amaya to honor the old Vulcan traditions. Since she is infertile, due to hormonal imbalances during the pregancy caused by T'Pring's infidelity to a bonded mate in pon farr, her parents are unconcerned about her lesbian tendencies. But they worry about her attachment to Saavik, whose parentage is unknown and is half Romulan.

Because of her parents slightly repressive attitude towards non-Vulcan cultures (thinking them lesser and illogical), T'Amaya has grown up with a romantic fascination for Starfleet, space travel, and other societies. Therefore she will be quite happy to serve on board a starship as a computer consultant alongside her command-staff bondmate.

T'Amaya is shorter than Saavik and has long, very dark brown hair and clear skin. For those that care about her breast size, they're on the small side of C. (And she's not my Mary Sue, she's my dream girl, at least physically *g*)

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