Stories with Saavik

Blue-eyed Satyrs
TOS, NC-17, McCoy/Saavik. Saavik keeps getting bouts of pon farr in the middle of class... how inconvenient!

Lessons in Infinite Diversity: a femslash trilogy of Vulcan girls falling in love

  • A Discussion of Botany, G. Saavik brings a her new friend T'Amaya to a Human Christmas party on Vulcan, and their relationship blossoms as they discuss the customs they observe there.
  • Experiment, PG-13. Saavik and T'Amaya explore the strange Human intimate activity of 'kissing'.
  • Practicum in Tandem, NC-17, novella-length. The road to Saavik and T'Amaya's bonding ceremony is fraught with perils only Star Trek can truly provide.

    Saavik/David Marcus stuff:

  • A Relatively Important Question: TOS, G, Saavik/David Marcus, Kirk/Spock implied. Before David begins a relationship with Saavik, he has something to ask her.
  • Snowflakes: TOS, G, Saavik/David Marcus. While stranded in the snow on Genesis, David has a brief fantasy about having a normal family life with Saavik.

    Lost and Found
    TOS, R, Kirk/Saavik, Kirk/Spock implied. Saavik appears at Kirk's cabin after Spock's death with a startling revelation.

    Pieces of Night
    TOS, R, Saavik, Spock/David Marcus, Kirk/Spock implied. Saavik, exhausted after Genesis, cannot leave the planet in her nightmares. Sort-of prequel to Lessons in Infinite Diversity

    TOS-MU, NC-17, Sarek/Saavik PWP, Kirk/Spock implied. Spock leaves the newfound youngster under his wing with his father for an afternoon.

    Prizes and Incentives
    TOS-MU, NC-17, Sarek/Saavik/Spock, Kirk/Spock implied. In order to make his father believe that his relationship with Captain Kirk has been discontinued, Spock must pass Saavik off as his concubine. Sequel to Manipulation.

    Sunrise on Vulcan
    TOS sonnet, G, Kirk/Spock and Spock/Saavik. Saavik is returning to normal after she hears that Kirk 'n' Spock are back together after the fal-tor-pan.

    TOS, G, Spock&Saavik, poem. Is halfbreed, orphaned Saavik good enough to attend the Academy?

    The Life-Raft
    TOS, G, Kirk/Spock implied, Saavik. Kirk is feeling badly after Spock's death and Saavik comes to keep him company.

    TNG/TOS parody/humor, G, Troi&LaForge, Saavik, Kirk/Spock implied. LaForge asks Deanna Troi some questions about the famous Captain Saavik.

    Spooging on Captain Kirk: Saavik
    TOS, NC-17 drabble, Kirk/Saavik, Kirk/Spock implied. **ridiculous parody**, part of a series.

    by Amphioxous Obnoxious
    TOS, NC-17, Spock/McCoy/Saavik. Fourteen-year-old Saavik has pon farr. How do they deal?

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