Stories with Sarek

by Farfalla

TOS, NC-17, Sarek/Chapel, Sarek/Amanda and Spock/m implied. Ambassador Sarek comes to Chapel while she's studying medicine on Vulcan wanting to know more about Spock's flight to Gol.

TOS-MU, NC-17, Sarek/Saavik PWP, Kirk/Spock implied. Spock leaves the newfound youngster under his wing with his father for an afternoon.

Prizes and Incentives
TOS-MU, NC-17, Sarek/Saavik/Spock, Kirk/Spock implied. In order to make his father believe that his relationship with Captain Kirk has been discontinued, Spock must pass Saavik off as his concubine. Sequel to Manipulation.

Georgia Blue Moon
TOS, R, McCoy/Sarek. PWP in the form of a sonnet.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker
TOS, G, Kirk/Spock drabble with Sarek/McCoy implied.

Spooging on Captain Kirk: Ambassador Sarek
TOS, R, drabble, Kirk/Sarek, Kirk/Spock implied. **ridiculous parody**, part of a series.

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