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More detailed summaries are available on the G to PG-13 page, the Adult page, and the pages centered around individual characters.
My Kirk/Spock poetry and drabbles aren't listed here, but follow those links and you'll find 'em. The two exceptions are stories told in extended narrative verse.
For only those Kirk and Spock stories which can be read as gen (i.e. nonslash), go here.
Adult stories are clearly marked. Please avoid them if you do not wish to encounter graphic sexuality, or are not permitted to by law.

Afloat TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
A Friendship Rare and Well Done TOS: Kirk?Spock, Uhura/Chekov, McCoy, M'Ress. PG.
A Relatively Important Question TOS: Saavik/David, Kirk/Spock implied. G.
A Rude Birthday Drabble TOS: Kirk/f, Spock/f, McCoy/f, Kirk&Spock, Chapel drabble. G.
A Slash Pine Romance TOS-AU: Kirk/Spock. G.
A Spoonful of SugarTOS: Sulu/Chekov, Kirk/Spock implied. G.
A Wish in the Mist TOS-AU: Kirk/Spock. PG.
A Word or Two TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
And Thy Breasts, Its Clusters TOS: McCoy/f, Kirk/Spock drabble. R.
Another Piece of Action TOS: (Kirk/Spock)&McCoy. PG-13. (Ampersand, *g*)
Bedtime Stories TOS: Chapel/Rand drabble. PG-13.
Bedtime Stories (yeah, I know.) TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Beep TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
Best TOS: Kirk/McCoy. PG.
Big Bottom TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Big Liquid Eyes TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Blue-eyed Satyrs TOS: McCoy/Saavik. NC-17.
Bonding for Dummies TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG-13.
Boxing Day TOS: Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Uhura/Chapel/Rand, etc. NC-17.
Brothers with Benefits TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG.
Captain Curve TOS: Kirk/Spock, Q. NC-17.
Catching a Wild Goose TOS/TNG: Kirk/Spock, Riker/Troi. G.
Chicken Soup for the Starfleet Soul TOS: Kirk/Spock, m/m (crewmembers). G.
Chimes: Flux Æterna III TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
Coitus Titanus TNG: Riker/Troi. NC-17.
Companionable Solitude TOS: Kirk/Spock (and OFC/OFC). G.
Data in the Soap TNG: Data/LaForge, Picard/Data implied. G.
Daycare, the Final Froniter TOS-AU: Kirk&Spock, McCoy, Chapel. G.
Deadly Memories TOS: Kirk/Spock, Valeris. R.
Deanna's Decadent Dip TNG: Troi/Q, Picard/Q implied. NC-17.
Deep Space Nine-Year-Olds DS9: Odo/Kira, Dax, Bashir, O'Brien. PG.
Do I Look Fat to You? TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Eat Your Vegetables TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
E I E I O TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Empty Nights TOS: Spock/f (multiple), Spock/? drabble. PG.
Erin Qapla'! TNG: Worf/Troi drabble. PG.
Eternity's First Frolic TOS/DS9: Spock/Jadzia, with Kirk/Spock and Jadzia/Worf implied. NC-17.
Everybody Loves Lesbians TOS: Kirk/Spock, Chapel/Leila Kalomi. NC-17.
Express TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Farr Flung TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
Flexibility TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Flirting With Danger TOS-MU: Sulu/Chekov. PG, limerick.
Flower Power TOS: Uhura/Chekov and Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Flurries TOS: Kirk&Spock. G.
Flux Æterna TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
For Better or Immersed TOS: Kirk/Spock, R.
For the Love of Peace and Quiet TOS: Kirk?Spock, McCoy/Chapel UST implied. G.
Fruit of the Tree TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Fuel Enough for Eight TOS: Chapel/Rand. NC-17.
Fusion TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Georgia Blue Moon TOS: McCoy/Sarek sonnet. R.
Gioco Per Due TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Golden is the Spirit TOS: Kirk/Spock, Spock/f. PG-13, narrative verse.
Golden, Tangible TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
Gondola of Dreams TOS: McCoy/Barrows. PG.
Gossip VOY: Torres/Seven, Tuvok&Neelix drabble. PG.
Grandma's Goodie Box TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Green Heart TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Grief Management, Vulcan Style (With Human Assistance) TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Haystacks and Waterfalls TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Heavy Petting TOS: Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda implied. PG-13.
Higher Than the Azure Sky TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Hope Lives in Every Universe TOS: Kirk/Spock, Denethor. PG.
How to Grow Wings and Fly TOS/TNG: Kirk/Spock and Data/Yar. G.
Hunting Elk TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG-13.
I'm Dreaming TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
In a Pinch TOS: Kirk/Spock, McCoy, Chapel, Uhura, crew. PG.
In Love With My Captain TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
In Sickness and in Health TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Inside and Out TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
Inside Jim TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
It Adds Up TOS: Kirk/Spock. R, humor.
Jetstream Daydream TOS: Uhura/male, Kirk/Spock/McCoy, Sulu/Rand implied. NC-17.
Jim in Jeans TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Just Another Romance TOS, PG-13. April Fools' Day prank: pairings hidden.
Kahlua TOS: Uhura/Chekov, Sulu. PG.
Kirk and Sock TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG.
Kirk's Idea TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG.
Lessons in Infinite Diversity trilogy TOS, NC-17 in parts. TOS: Saavik/T'Amaya (f/f), (Kirk/Spock)&McCoy
A Discussion of Botany, G
Experiment, PG-13
Practicum in Tandem, NC-17
Liftoff TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Light Blue TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
Linguistics TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG.
Liquid of Life TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Lost and Found TOS: Kirk/Saavik, Kirk/Spock implied. R.
Love Bugs TAS: Arex/f, Uhura/Chekov, and Kirk/Spock double drabble. PG.
Lucky DS9: Odo/Kira. PG, drabble.
Lullaby TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Lunch Break TOS: McCoy/Yeoman Tonia Barrows. NC-17.
Manipulation TOS-MU: Sarek/Saavik, Kirk/Spock implied. NC-17.
Marriage of True Minds TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
Middle Management TOS: Sulu/Rand drabble. G.
Miracle Cure TOS: Sulu/Rand drabble. G.
M'Ress's Pet TOS (TAS): Chapel/M'Ress. G.
My Cup Runneth Over TOS: Kirk/Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, crew. G.
My Nerys DS9: Odo/Kira. R.
My Type TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Nightmare--From Another Dimension! TOS: Kirk/Spock, MU Chapel. NC-17.
Of Sunlight in Blue Roses TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Off the Clock TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
On, Admiral! TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG-13.
On to the Next Thing TOS: Uhura/Chekov. PG.
Once Upon Amok Time TOS-AU: Sulu/Rand, Kirk/Spock, Rand/T'Pring, and others. PG-13.
One Lonely Evening Online TOS: Kirk/Spock. [rating?]
One Size Fits All TNG: Riker/Troi. R.
Out of Uniform TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Passing Notes in Starfleet High TOS-AU: Kirk/Spock. G.
Picnic in Sycamore Park TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Pieces of Night TOS: Saavik, Spock/David Marcus, Kirk/Spock implied. R.
Pin the Kiss on Cherry Abbott TOS: Kirk/Spock, Sulu/Rand, McCoy. PG-13.
Plagues of Egypt TOS: Kirk/Spock & others. Drabble series based on the ten plagues in Exodus, various ratings.
Playtime in Alberta TOS: (Kirk/Spock)/Chapel. NC-17.
Pon Faerie TOS-AU: Kirk(female)/Spock m/f. G, narrative verse.
Potential TOS: Spock&Saavik. G.
Preliminary Observations TOS: Spock/Uhura. G.
Prizes and Incentives TOS-MU: Sarek/Saavik/Spock, Kirk/Spock implied. NC-17.
Raunchy Limericks: see Adult page. TOS: Kirk/other, Chekov/multiple m, Kirk/Spock, McCoy/Khan, McCoy/Chapel, Sulu/Rand, & more
Reasons TOS: Spock/Valeris poem. G.
Requiem for Mattel™ TOS-AU: Kirk&Spock, McCoy. G.
Rhythm: Flux Æterna II TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG.
Rose Hips and Vulcan Lips TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Saavikology TNG/TOS: LaForge&Troi, Saavik, Kirk/Spock implied. G, parody.
Sake and Vodka TOS: Sulu/Chekov. PG-13.
Salve TOS: McCoy/Barrows, Riley/Barrows implied, Chapel. PG-13.
Seabreeze TOS-AU: Kirk/Spock and Kirk/Grapefruit, Spock/T'Pring implied. PG-13.
Séance TOS: Kirk/Spock, Kirk/McCoy. PG.
Search the Seas TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Semen-chanted Evening TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
Senesence and Sensibility TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Shatner on the Set RPF. Uhh... *looks around furtively* sort-of RPS
Shining Strands TOS: Sulu/Rand. R.
Sign on the Broken Line TOS: Kirk/McCoy drabble. R.
Simply Soft TOS: Rand/Barrows. R.
Sleeping Around TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG-13.
Smart Mouth TOS: Kirk/Spock, Kirk&McCoy. PG-13.
Smells Like Tuna TAS: M'Ress/Tamura (f/f). G.
Snakeskin TOS: Sarek/Chapel, Sarek/Amanda and Spock/m implied. NC-17.
Snowflakes TOS: Saavik/David. G.
Snuggle in a Snowdrift TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Spock's Hot Date TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Spooging on Captain Kirk, a series of drabbles parodying this. TOS: Kirk/Spock, Kirk/everyone, mostly NC-17
Star Trek: The Guinea Pigture TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Stargazing TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
Stuck on You TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG.
Sweet Shepherd TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
Tappy-tap TOS: Chapel/Rand drabble. PG-13.
Tasty TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
The Best Sound in the Universe TOS: McCoy/Barrows. NC-17.
Tastes Like Chicken ENT: T'Pol/Sato drabble. R.
The Bald Truth TNG/TOS: Picard/Crusher, Kirk/Spock drabble. PG-13.
The Best Costume at the Party TOS: Kirk/Spock. NC-17.
The Chocolate Klingon TNG: Worf/Troi, Q (Picard/Q implied.) NC-17.
The Copper Mouse TOS: Droxine/Vanna. PG.
The Curious Conversion of Captain Kirk TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG-13.
The Doll TOS: Chapel/Andrea. R.
The Dilemma of the Disappearing Dessert TOS: Kirk/Spock, McCoy. G.
The Doorway TOS: Kirk/Spock/Chapel. PG-13.
The Gamin Drabbles TOS: Spock/Chapel, Kirk&Spock, Spock/f (Gamin Davis!) G/PG.
The Hyla (pre)TOS: Kirk&Spock. G.
The Impossible Possibility TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG-13.
The Intruder TOS: Kirk?Spock. G.
The Life Raft TOS: Kirk/Spock, Saavik. G.
The Nineteenth Dream TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
The Nose Knows TOS: McCoy/f, others drabble. R.
The Right Answer pre-TOS: Spock/science console. R.
The Seven Letter Solution TNG: Data&Troi, Data/m and Data/LaForge implied. G.
The Subconscious Has a Logic All Its Own TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.
The Tickle Game TOS: Uhura/Chekov. R.
The Tour TOS: Kirk/McCoy drabble. PG.
The Warm, Wet Center of the Universe TOS: Sulu/Rand double drabble. R.
There's Always Room for Captain TOS: Kirk/Spock. G or PG-13, can't decide.
Transition TOS: McCoy/Chapel (Kirk/Spock & Spock/Chapel implied.) G.
Two Peas in a Pod TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Underwater DS9: Kira/Dax. Kirk/Spock and McCoy/Emony Dax implied. NC-17.
Underwater Basketweaving TNG/TOS: Troi/Rand, Riker/Troi implied. R.
USS Enterprise Chat room TOS: Chekov/f. Kirk/Spock implied. PG-13.
Up Close TOS: Kirk/Spock/Rand. PG-13, drabble.
Very Perceptive Creatures TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG-13.
Vicious Rumors and Lies TOS: Kirk/Spock. G.
Whale, I'll Be Damned TOS: Spock/Gillian Taylor drabble. R.
Where No Melon... TOS: Kirk/Spock. PG-13.
Why I Should Not Write P/Q in Class TNG: Stupid Picard/Q poem. Linked to Google Groups posting.
Why Troi's Glad She Married Riker, Not Worf TNG: Riker/Troi, Worf/Troi. R.
Words TOS: Kirk/Spock. R.

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