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The Best Sound in the Universe

by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
McCoy/Barrows, NC-17
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Dr. McCoy was in the embarrassing position of blowing his nose when she walked in. "Tonia!" he called into the tissue in surprise.

"Hello, Len," she said in a honeyed voice, waiting in the doorway.

McCoy threw the tissue into a recycler and washed his hands quickly, then crossed the room to gather her like a flower. "Hello," he echoed, taking her hand and pressing it briefly to his lips elegantly. "I wasn't expecting you for another two hours."

Tonia shrugged slightly. "Yeoman Kinney needed to change shifts, so I've got my free time now instead of later. Got ten minutes?"

"Ten minutes?" McCoy made a thoughtful face, continuing to caress her jaw with the hand already at her cheek. "Not really, not now. For what?"

Tonia's sweet hot-cocoa eyes dripped sugar into his gaze as she moved his hand around and enveloped his index finger with her mouth. Slowly and deliberately she sucked on it as she moved it in and out slightly. The significance of the action wasn't lost on McCoy, and he took a deep breath and swept a heavy hand across her hips and down over her rear.

"Baby," he growled at her, "I told you, I can't right now. Spock just sent me a message that he's coming in to talk to me, and he could be here any minute." He looked down past her heaving bosom at the bulge in his pants. "Lord knows what he'd think. Already thinks I'm some kind of libertine degenerate, I'll bet."

"Come on, Leonard, he's a man also, he'll understand." She sidled closer to him.

"I don't think you understand Spock very well," he murmured into her neck.

"I understand *you*," she cooed in retaliation. "And you've got something I'd love to take care of." She cupped his arousal in the palm of her greedy hand.

"Can you come back in fifteen minutes?" McCoy tried, in a small panic.

Tonia shook her head slowly, sultrily. "I'm not going anywhere." Her skillful fingers were working at his fly.

"Doctor," called an alto voice from the outer room of Sickbay. "Spock to see you."

"Just a minute, Nurse Chapel!" He looked at Tonia. She stared back at him, saucy and obstinate. Then finally, she dashed into his office and closed the door behind her.

Fifteen minutes later, when he'd finally managed to get Spock out of Sickbay, McCoy keyed open the door to his office. At the sight that greeted his baby blues, he quickly stepped inside and commanded the door shut and locked. Then he approached his desk with his hand already on his fly.

Tonia sat at his desk, leaning against the back of the chair with her head to one side. Her uniform skirt was piled up around her waist and her Starfleet-issue panties hung off one ankle. Her legs were spread open wide, and between them, her hand played busily with her reddened and glistening pussy.

She looked up at Len with a little smile and half-closed eyelids. "Got time for me now?"

Without answering, he crossed the room to kneel on the floor between her legs. He took hold of her wrist and moved her hand out of the way, and then moved in closer to lick and suck on her clitoris. Squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples between her fingers, she whimpered happily and rocked her hips toward his face. "Yes...." She'd already been close to orgasm before he showed up, so it only took her a few minutes to come to a screaming satisfaction.

McCoy drew back and watched as the pulses that started in her blushing pussy lips rocked through her whole body. Her orgasmic shudders gave energy to his arousal. It occurred to him that the sounds of a woman having an orgasm might just be damn near the best sound in the universe.

"Fuck me..." she commanded redundantly in a breathy moan. No need--he was already bending over her, poised at her entrance. He plunged in all at once, colliding with her G-spot. She groaned ecstatically, and he began to fuck her into the chair.

Never before had there been a woman who could moan like Tonia. For a moment, he considered recording her during sex, but then all thought was swept away as erotic pleasure seized his mind. He covered her face and neck with kisses, grinding against her until his seed flowed. She hugged him with both her arms and thighs until the pounding waned.

"You're the hottest thing I've ever seen," McCoy growled, peeling his body away from hers with a gratuitous squeeze to the tit. "And heard!" he added.

"Mmmmm...." She was still a little too sotted with sex to speak. "Thank you."

She hung around his office for a few minutes while he mopped himself free of sweat. Good thing she wasn't expected back on shift for quite a while longer. After sex that good, it was sometimes hard to walk! She giggled softly to herself.

Spock decided not to tell anybody about what he'd heard going on in the doctor's private office that day when he'd returned to Sickbay to ask McCoy another question that he'd forgotten about earlier. It was none of his business, and besides, reporting it would necessitate describing the event, and Spock was very eager to forget about it entirely!

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