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Drabbles (46)

Vulcan Biology
R. All K/S fans, Jim Kirk included, know what those words really mean.

Kirk Sheds His Cocoon
G. Kirk's undershirt loves Spock, too.

The Plagues of Egypt series
Varying from G to NC-17. A series of ten drabbles, some based directly on episodes, inspired by the plagues in Exodus.

The Ten Commandments of K/S series
Varying from G to NC-17. Another series of ten drabbles, some based directly on episodes, inspired by the ten commanments (based on Protestant version because it worked better with my drabbles ideas.)

Heart of Stone
G. Spock reflects on a familiar accusation.

The Dollhouse, Revisited
G, double drabble. Mudd's androids offer Kirk what they think he wants most.

PG-13. While in Starfleet Academy, Spock is having a hard time adjusting to the Bay area weather--until Kirk comes along.

Morning Doves
PG. Kirk expresses his love.

G. Sometimes, life's so bad that it's funny.

How Do *I* Feel?
G. Amanda reflects on Spock's amnesia after the fal-tor-pan

Carrying On
G. Jim clings to hope while stranded in the 20th century

G. Spock is extra-cute and snuggly when he's asleep.

I Night
G. So goes the mathematics of love!

One of a Kind
G, double drabble. Kirk finds a lucky four-leaved Vulcan.

Desert Natives
R. Kirk and Spock tour a xeric garden.

The Mutiny
G. Kirk's log, in the middle of the night, tells a *giggle* story of betrayal.

R. Why being married to a Vulcan makes white smiles whiter.

Best Gratification
PG-13. Kirk compares his feelings about women and Spock.

The Captain's Cherry
R. Slut!Kirk has a virgin ass. Who woulda thunk?

How to Keep a Vulcan Warm in the Snow
PG-13. Kirk and Spock find romance amidst falling snowflakes.

G. Spock gets married, and everybody has a different opinion about it.

Frowny Rhymes with Brownie
G. Kirk just wants to eat his brownies in peace...

Study Buddies
G. Everybody's got something to be good at.

Just Doing My Job
G. "Leave me alone, Commander. It was just a backrub."

A Mother's Duty
G. T'Pring puts in a subspace call after Amok Time and explains her real motivations.

A Winding Path
G. Kirk has an important question to ask Spock while they are touring their adopted city, San Francisco.

Let No Man Put Asunder
G. Kirk has no legal rights as Spock's spouse after The Wrath of Khan (NOT my usual take on things, but it needed to get written.)

Higher Call
G. Spock's thoughts as he struggles to repair the ship at the end of The Wrath of Khan

PG-13. Stargazing is a little different for beings who've been astronauts.

Always Would Be
G. Thoughts on Spock's death in The Wrath of Khan

Deerest Blood
G. Kirk and Spock have a discussion about courtship in the wild.

Ms. Communication
G. Kirk is sized up by a female co-star.

Herpetology for Dummies
R. Jim plays with the snake in Spock's pants.

Chastity Hats
G. An overzealous gen fan tries to keep Kirk and Spock from kissing with the cunning use of flags hats.

Molecular Biology
PG-13. Simple steamy romance.

It's Not the Ears... Really!
R. Why does Kirk love Spock so much?

And Thy Breasts, Its Clusters
R. McCoy isn't exactly enjoying having a Spock in his head. The title is a quote from the Song of Songs, 7:7.

Paean to my Birthstone
NC-17. Lectures on geology are always much more fun when you're fantasizing.

Deck the Frals
NC-17. Kirk and Spock being silly in bed, holiday-style.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker
G. Amanda thinks she's found a more suitable partner for Spock, but he doesn't agree.

Whipped Dream
From SBS#9; R. Whipped cream and pointed ears... the perfect combination!

Splashy Slash
From SBS#9; PG. How does Spock finally get all his memories back.... including his love for Jim?

Can't Wait Till Dessert
From SBS#9, double drabble. Fun with wedding cake.

Oreo Time
Kirk is eating Oreos. Spock doesn't want any...

Spooging on Captain Kirk: Spock
TOS, NC-17 drabble, Kirk/Spock. A very bawdy wedding proposal. **ridiculous parody**, part of a series.

Spooging on Captain Kirk: Spock II
TOS, NC-17 drabble, Kirk/Spock II, Kirk/Spock implied. Based on the Animated Series episode "The Infinite Vulcan". Kirk has fun with a fifty-foot clone of his husband. **ridiculous parody**, part of a series.

A drabble is a ficlet of exactly 100 words.