...you will see your true love, across a crowded ship?

Semen-chanted Evening

~ Kirk/Spock by Farfalla; rated R - blueberrysnail @ yahoo.com ~
Written because Lyra wanted more second-time stories
James Kirk fell back against his bed, gasping sensually and with sweat shimmering from his chest.

Spock, perched on the edge of the bed nude as a Greek statue, gazed at him shyly. His penis was still half-engorged from its energetic dance across Kirk's thighs, but it would soon calm to match its owner's face.

"You're... so wonderful," Kirk said breathlessly, speaking for the first time since their lovemaking session had begun.

Spock's silent reply was to reach down with two fingers and softly stroke patterns across Jim's thigh.

Kirk's hand flopped onto his own stomach, where he discovered the glistening residue of Spock's spent desire. Intrigued, he gathered as much of the substance as he could onto his fingers and inspected it more closely.

Tonight was only the second time he and Spock had ever made love, and this was his first sight of Vulcan semen. The first time he'd taken his best friend into his arms and shared passions with him, pon farr had directed their mating. After a satisfying amount of heavy petting, Spock found refuge for the fire in his loins within Kirk's body. Afterwards, he'd reverently washed his new human boyfriend in the shower. Consequently, Kirk never laid eyes on Spock's cum until this moment.

It bore little resemblance to that of a human. Clear, gelatinous, and slightly greenish-yellow, it reminded Kirk alternatively of laboratory agarose gel and vaginal mucus. He lifted it to his nostrils and sniffed, and was again reminded of the fruity scent of a female. Strange.

"You are intrigued by the difference," Spock observed. His education on human sperm had already occurred at their pon farr mating, when he fellated Jim.

"Yes, I'm--very curious about it," answered Kirk. "Do you mind? We don't have to talk about it if it's something only Vulcans are supposed to know."

"Jim, I am a scientist," Spock reminded him, "and I wish no more secrets from you."

"Well, first of all, why is it gelatinous?"

"The thick, viscous nature of the discharge saves precious body fluid on a desert world," Spock began. "In addition, during.... the time of mating, when sperm are present, the gelatinous medium preserves their cellular integrity and prevents dessication, in the event of exposure to the dry air."

"If the sperm are trapped in the gel, how can they swim to the egg?" Kirk asked, stretching with an almost pornographic satisfaction over the sheets.

"The internal environment of the vagina is acidic, as with humans," Spock explained. "It quickly dissolves the gel and provides an alternate fluid to enrich the sperm, allowing them to swim freely within her reproductive system."

"So acid eats through this stuff?" Kirk was still playing with the glob in his fingers. "Nothing I'm doing seems to be affecting it."

"That is because your fingers are not the vagina of a Vulcan female," Spock reminded him. Seeing Kirk make a face at this statement, Spock took Kirk's clean hand in his own and continued, "I would hold no other fingers as tenderly as I touch yours. They are the right place for my semen."

Hearing Spock say these words with such an utterly devout seriousness made Kirk smile and almost laugh. He didn't want Spock to be offended, so he choked it off by asking, "What about other things that are acidic?"

"Any substance with a pH below 5.8 will effectively dissolve the gel medium."

"Can I see?"

"You wish to witness the chemical reaction?"

"Of course! You're like my own personal chemistry set."

Spock looked around the room for something sufficiently acidic. He left the bed and approached Kirk's desk. Kirk followed, loving how this was entirely natural for Spock--household science demonstrations right after wild and crazy frottage. He could definitely get used to this for, oh, the rest of his life.

Spock picked up the cold remains of Kirk's afternoon coffee, sitting on the desk in a standard issue food synthesizer mug. He smelled it disapprovingly, then held it out to Kirk. "This will suffice. Black coffee has a pH of five. Tea would also have worked."

"How should I do this? I don't want to make a mess." Kirk didn't see anywhere that looked safe to pour the coffee over the semen on, and he had a feeling that if he just dropped it into the coffee mug, it would sink below the surface and out of view.

Spock rummaged in the pocket of his uniform pants, draped neatly over the chair. "Use this," he offered, handing Kirk a shallow hexagonal dish of flimsy plastic.

"You had a weigh-boat in your pocket?" Kirk exclaimed with astonishment.

"I am the chief science officer of this ship," Spock said with great dignity. "I must be prepared to collect and mass small samples at a moment's notice."

"I see," said Kirk, amused. "Good work, then, Mr. Spock." He took the weigh-boat, brushing Spock's fingers suggestively with his own as he did so.

The gelled semen fit nicely into the dish of the weigh-boat. Once all of it was off his hand, Kirk placed the dish in the center of his desk on top of a piece of scrap tissue. Spock handed him the mug and slowly, Kirk poured in a few drops of cold black coffee.

The coffee digested the gel in a fizz of tiny bubbles. In less than fifteen seconds, nothing remained in the weigh-boat but slightly discolored, slightly frothy cold coffee. "Wow!" Kirk murmured appreciatively. "Neat!"

Without saying another word, he lifted the weigh-boat to his lips and drained it. Spock watched him quizzically. Kirk just shrugged boyishly.

"You are strange, James Kirk, but devoted," said Spock matter-of-factly. "I think I shall keep you."

Laughing, Kirk took him in his arms.

Thank you to Saavant for beta'ing this story.
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