Bedtime Stories

Fanfic by Farfalla

blueberrysnail @ yahoo dot com
Mrs Spock wanted to see how many goofy platonic excuses I could think of to get them into bed together.

"Vulcan legends?"

Kirk lifted up the small book reverently. It was an antique, made of paper like in the old days, and lined in metallic leaf. Just having it in his hands made his imagination dance. It helped that Spock's quarters smelled exotic, too.

Spock nodded. "You may be interested in the second chapter. They pertain to tales of journeys and voyages, similar to your Patrick O'Brien and other seafaring novels of Earth."

"I'm guessing these aren't sea voyages, though." Kirk leafed through the pages idly. "Why is there an English translation from this far back?"

"They were translated for Earth not long after the first contact," Spock explained.

Kirk's attention had been caught by a passage in the aforementioned second chapter. "The Cave-Tunnels of Caliek," he read aloud.

"If you would like to read it," Spock began as he held out his hand, looking in vain for a place for Kirk to sit. Unfortunately, at the moment the only chair was behind Spock's desk, and he needed it for his own reading, as it was on a computer terminal.

"I can sit on the bed, if it's okay with you."

Spock nodded, absorbed in his computer as he selected the journal he was to read that evening.

Kirk pulled his boots off and settled down on Spock's bed with the book. For a long time, the room was silent except for the soft, archaic swishing of pages turning periodically contrasted with the sharp, modern click of the computer buttons. It was nice relaxing in here with Spock, each man doing his own thing but in friendly company. He completed the first story quickly, and, having enjoyed it, continued his reading.

However, the temperature in Spock's room had other plans. Vulcans keep their living quarters hotter than Humans do, and heat makes many Humans sleepy. Kirk was no exception. It had been a long day and he was already lying down on a bed. It wasn't difficult for him to slip into a peaceful and very deep sleep.

Spock finished his journal and turned around to check on his friend. When he found him asleep, he stood up and approached the bed, intending to wake him. However, when he came closer and saw how peaceful and happy Jim looked, finally at rest after a busy shift, he changed his mind. It was more logical to let him sleep. Spock made his own preparations for bed and then resolved to go to sleep on his meditation mat.

He checked to make sure his stick of incense had burned out, set the lights on five percent, and lay down.

The meditation mat was excellent as a physical foundation for contemplation, but it was not contemplation that Spock wished to participate in at the moment. He wished to participate in sleep, and the mat did very little to shield him from the hardness of the deck beneath. It was obvious that this was not going to work.

"Lights to fifteen percent."

Spock rolled the mat away and then headed for the bed. Luckily, Kirk did not sleep sprawled out, so there was sufficient room for the sleepy Vulcan to climb in. "Lights to five percent." Unexpectedly comforted by the smooth breathing and even the heartbeat of the being beside him, whom he recognized more as family than he did his blood relations, he fell asleep before the minute was up.

A few hours later, Jim Kirk awoke and blinked blankly into the darkness. The elevated temperature, unfamiliar smell, and unmistakable sensation of sharing a bed confused him for a moment, until he remembered he'd been reading in Spock's quarters. In fact, the book was still in his hands.

He placed it on the deck beside the bed. "Lights to fifteen percent." Dimly, he saw Spock's serenely sleeping face next to him on the pillow, his long eyelashes much more noticeable with his eyes shut.

Kirk shifted slightly, testing the bed's surface to see if he could move enough to get out of the bed without disturbing Spock. Spock reacted by, in his sleep, rolling over and flinging several limbs around Kirk's body.

Before Kirk could do anything else, Spock stroked the top of the human's head and murmured, "Good boy, I-chaya. Stay until morning."

*He thinks I'm his childhood pet,* Kirk realized with a combination of amusement and embarrassment. "Spock," he said out loud. No reaction. "Spock!" He shook him slightly, as much as he could from inside the bear-hug. Spock seemed as deeply asleep as before, if not deeper. "Spock! The science lab is on fire!"

Spock sat bolt upright in bed with the speed of a mousetrap, tossing Kirk forward with a jerk. "Fire?" He turned to Kirk, his expression concerned. He was completely awake.

Kirk smiled and rubbed the places that being tossed about had abused as he settled back down into the bed. "Relax, Spock, nothing's on fire. I just had to wake you up."

"But the science lab--?"

"--is fine." Kirk held up his hand. "I was just trying to wake you up in case you wanted the bed to yourself."

"Are you quite certain there is no fire in the science lab?"

"Yes. Now, do you want me to leave?"

Spock remained silent for a moment, considering. "No," he answered distinctly.

Kirk had already snuggled back down into his corner of the blankets. "Then, as you were, mister." He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep, forestalling Spock's intention to check the science lab in person.

"Lights to five percent," Spock told the computer, and lay back down in the bed, wondering why it was suddenly easier to fall asleep now that he was no longer alone.